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  • 2020. szept. 3.

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    EDWAN 2 hete

    Here before this hits 1 billion views 🤩❤️✨

  • Dinesh sharma
    Dinesh sharma 1 hete

    If you listen to Ava's songs then you have great taste of music

  • Igor Vinha
    Igor Vinha 5 napja

    She isn't The Next Lady Gaga,

  • Cloud Gamer
    Cloud Gamer 1 hete

    Ava max: “OMG what’s happening”

  • Vanessa Icelight

    wow.. Ava actually CANNOT make bad music

  • Pixl Pixl
    Pixl Pixl 1 hete

    Can't wait the 18h of september to buy your album 😍

  • dmm bandulahewa.

    Look what you've done to me. I can't stop listening this song OMG what's happening 🎧🎧🎧

  • Brendan Neyman

    Can y’all stop with the “she only has American fans” nonsense. Her label started her career over seas. And then once she was successful enough in Europe, they started promoting her in the US. This is actually a pretty common practice since it’s relatively easier to break into the European markets than the American one. So of course she has plenty of non-American fans. Most of her fans weren’t American until 2019 when Sweet But Psycho finally started gaining some traction.

  • VeeBreeze Official

    Man all her songs are so catchy!

  • Jonas Bechtold

    Ava Max is one of the best singer in this world...

  • help me to reach 50 k subscriber with 0 videos

    "People say AVA MAX has only american fans"

  • Lucas
    Lucas 1 hete

    I could listen to her songs all day long

  • Abdel Amadeus
    Abdel Amadeus 5 napja

    Thats what i called a real music

  • Chan Mebesu
    Chan Mebesu 1 hete (szerkesztve)

    I love to sing so I copy the lyrics

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 1 hete

    Her voice is really powerful.

  • Thalia !!
    Thalia !! 2 hete

    who else excited for her album?

  • Hugo Peña
    Hugo Peña 1 hete

    People say Ava Max only has human fans

  • Emery Garvey
    Emery Garvey 1 hete

    The 800+ people that disliked are just jealous that they can't sing, and they just don't know what singing is.

  • L0
    L0 1 hete

    Her voice is really powerful.

  • Ayush Aryan
    Ayush Aryan 1 hete

    3 minutes of pure class..