Billie Eilish - my future Letöltés

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  • 2020. júl. 30.

  • Listen to “my future”, out now: Follow Billie Eilish: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Email: Store: Directed by: Andrew Onorato Produced by: Chop Studio Animation: Alex Dray Andrew Onorato Annie Zhao Cliona Noonan Ian Ballantyne João Monteiro Josh Trotter Keith Kavanagh Maddie Brewer Nancy Li Sarah Schmidt Sean Anderson Backgrounds: Genesis Magat Rick Sweden Jarrod Prince Pre-production: Andrew Onorato Adam Henderson Shane Dering Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  • God
    God 6 napja

    Claim your “here before TikTok” card here.

  • Rawdha Al Khalaf
    Rawdha Al Khalaf 11 órája

    Billie at 18: making millions

  • ?? A
    ?? A 13 órája

    2020: the worst year

  • Shara Lee
    Shara Lee 7 órája

    Producer : you want the song to be sad or happy?

  • Sage Fortnite Champ


  • scooter kiddo
    scooter kiddo 1 hete

    This song is so soft. It almost sounds like a dream.

  • saltyhomefries
    saltyhomefries 9 órája

    It feels like Billie Eillish gets better every song that she makes

  • Clementine
    Clementine 11 órája

    Me: Just listening to ocean eyes 600 million times.

  • Dorito
    Dorito 8 órája

    Everyones talking abot the frog or the song itself.

  • Coleman B.
    Coleman B. 8 órája

    Stop talking about the frog guys

  • Zieta Irani
    Zieta Irani 1 hete

    She went from making self depreciating songs to songs about how she loves herself. That's called a progress

  • Ethan D.
    Ethan D. 3 órája

    Bro, Billie sings like a goddess, but cred to those animators/artists that is just so pretty

  • Nalini Thakar
    Nalini Thakar 5 órája (szerkesztve)

    I can't seem to focus

  • •L E G O S H I•
    •L E G O S H I• 14 órája

    How about we talk about how angelic Billie's voice is.

  • Zuly Osorio
    Zuly Osorio 7 órája

    Who better Billie eilish or shawn mendes coment like shawn like for billie

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S 1 hete

    The frog is really cute, and I don’t see many people talk about him

  • Don't look at my Username

    I can't believe that she wrote this in 2 days!

  • Rain's Vids {jalebigirl}

    The hints of minor notes, the melody, the way her voice glides over those runs, the animation, the emotion, the hope, the vibe, the moon 🌙 easily one of my favorite Billie songs ✨

  • Darshaun Ridgeway
    Darshaun Ridgeway 13 órája

    Two things:

  • Chicken Tie
    Chicken Tie 13 órája

    Billie Eilish making a song about her future: