2. "Medical Coding" - What Is It? Letöltés

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  • 2016. febr. 6.

  • In this video I define what "Medical Coding" is. Please "Like", "Subscribe" and join me on this adventure.


  • Brittany Gresham

    2019 anybody👍

  • Stacey Blanks
    Stacey Blanks 3 éve

    I absolutely love your teaching style. I'm taking an online coding course through Career Step and find your videos are better than their course material. I'm supplementing my studies with your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent. God Bless. Stacey B.

  • Jennifer Guerrero

    just started classes in medical coding....I learned more in your 13 minute video than I did in my hour class

  • Simply Kamy
    Simply Kamy 2 éve

    ohhhmygoodness I'm taking my class online and I've been cracking my brain what is the diff between ICD10 and CPT and you explained it in 2 minutes >.. thank you so much I was loosing hope of doing this profession, that might sound dumb but I like to know the purpose first before learning about it and now I'm back on track

  • Irmaris Lopez
    Irmaris Lopez 3 éve

    Thank you for you channel, I just enrolled in a medical billing and coding program online and my goal is to work from home.

  • Jen B
    Jen B 3 éve

    Thank You! I am a CNA, and I'm considering a career as a medical coder. Your video is very helpful.

  • AccountableRepsCorp

    You are remarkable. I thank God for you! I'm currently studying to become a medical coder. May God continue to bless you in life because you are blessing alot of us with this information.

  • Kendra Flowers

    I'm only 16 years old, but I have already decided I want to do medical coding. I decided to do this because my mom codes. It seems interesting. It's a good thing that I love all things health related.

  • Kymistry28
    Kymistry28 4 éve

    I'm so grateful I found your videos, I am currently obtaining a degree as a RHIT and needed to hear someone who has a abundance of knowledge and experience as a coder. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who are just getting started in this career path.

  • Sam Vue
    Sam Vue 2 éve

    I like how you explain about the bread now I'm beginning to understand a little bit more thank you

  • Danielle Sasu
    Danielle Sasu 2 éve

    You have been coding before I was born! These videos are like you are my mentor I love it!

  • Rachelle Nagel

    Great video. I'm looking into this field, so I'm doing some research first! Your videos give a clear and interesting introduction to coding. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge :)

  • Christine Salkeld
    Christine Salkeld 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    Thank you for making these videos. I work as CNA but have no desire to become a nurse. Instead I would love to pursue a career in the health IT field as RHIT but here are people at my college telling me that its a waste of time due to low pay and employers only want to hire people with years of experience.

  • Marlena Mcduff

    Do you tutor on line

  • Christina Dillon

    Mother, I'm so glad I found you. I decided to start this career this week and I am following your every word and video! I'm heading to Amazon now!

  • Dessi’s Hair Braiding
    Dessi’s Hair Braiding 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    so I can learn from your videos instead of taking a program ? then take the exam whenever I'm ready?

  • Wil J
    Wil J 3 éve

    thank goodness I came across your videos. I've been interested in learning about this field and your videos are a big help. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  • Kayla Dean
    Kayla Dean 2 éve

    Currently enrolled at Ashworth College, and hit a rough patch that ive been able to get through with you. Thank you!

  • Yahaira Matias

    I just want to say thank you very much for taking the time to teach others about medical coding. I just graduated in March with my RHIT associates degree and I feel so lost still. I felt like I did my Associate's degree for no reason. but after listening to you, I really feel like there is hope. I will follow along with your videos and my books to get a much better understanding. Thank you very much, Mrs. CodeMaster Coach.

  • Laura Gadille
    Laura Gadille 1 éve

    Thank you for explaining this to me. I am a graduate of the MA program. When I took my exam, it was all medical coding and billing and I had to idea what the questions meant. Now I understand the difference between ICD 10 and CPT..