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  • 2014. febr. 18.

  • CRU - DA DIRTY 30 VIOLATOR RECORDS, 1997 Producer -- Yogi Executive Producer: Chris Lighty Associate Executive Producer: Mark Pitts for Bystorm Entertainment Tracklist Hide Credits A1 DJ Footlong (Intro) A2 Bluntz & Bakakeemis Featuring -- Antoinette, Jim Hydro, Tracey Lee A3 That Shit A4 Just Another Case Featuring -- Slick Rick A5 Hoe 2 Society A6 Nuthin' But Featuring -- Black Rob A7 Straight From L.I.P. A8 Goin' Down B1 Shoot Out B2 Ten To Run B3 Wreckgonize Featuring -- Black Rob B4 Bulletproof Vest B5 The Ebonic Plague Featuring -- Ras Kass B6 Up North B7 R.I.P. B8 Live At The Tunnel Featuring -- LOX, The C1 Pronto C2 You Used To C3 Fresh, Wild And Bold C4 O.J. C5 Lisa Lipps C6 Bubblin' C7 Goines Tale D1 The Illz D2 Footlong D3 My Everlovin' D4 Pay Attention Featuring -- Anthony Hamilton D5 Loungin' Wit My Cru D6 Dirty 29 D7 Armageddon


  • Benjamin Freeman

    I remember going to Fat Beats off Melrose Ave. In Hollyweird back in the late 90's the D.J. would always have this classic cut spinnin....Real Graff/Hip Hop Art!!!!

  • SheWolfe 2015
    SheWolfe 2015 2 éve

    Luv Luv Luv this.... sigh... memories of those days... head noddin with the groove - you couldn't help it.. just ... yeah

  • Jon McKenzie
    Jon McKenzie 1 éve

    Ever play pool 🎱 in “Canada”...must be the lines! Like some shape-up’s?! (Floyd’s).

  • Jon B Smooth
    Jon B Smooth 3 éve

    Dat beat is is infectious.

  • Antonio Goode
    Antonio Goode 1 éve

    Wow I remember that song it was a classic 97 single i miss the 90 year of good hip hop music

  • Anthony Thomas

    Slick Rick the best storyteller PERIOD.

  • Davis Talhone
    Davis Talhone 2 éve

    It's 97 all over again.

  • grover sands
    grover sands 2 éve

    This was around the time me and my crew started getting serious about making music.

  • n V
    n V 2 éve


  • Frosty Shark
    Frosty Shark 3 éve


  • foofoo01323
    foofoo01323 4 éve

    j cole