Adjusting Andis T-Outliner Armiture For Precise Haircuts | Maximize Power and Performance Letöltés

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  • 2016. jan. 29.

  • This video will describe how to adjust the armiture of you outliner trimmers so you can get the most power and best performance from your trimmers. Snapchat: ayedeezy03 Twitter: realadthebarber Instagram: realadthebarber Periscope: realadthebarber


  • Jordans
    Jordans 4 éve

    i dont have the model with the screws :(((( please help

  • Gman
    Gman 4 éve

    Gabriel713281: That circular ring that drop out is the ring that you use to hang your clipper when not uses, for those of you that are adjusting that tension spring with the nylon ball remember that the more pressure that is on that top blade will cause friction to the blades, two problem come from this hot hot blades and premature blade ware. I tell you this because I was a toolmaker of 36 years and a barber of 20 year and I know all Andis, Oster and yes Whal Clippers inside and out.

  • TaorminaTravelTube

    the two screws that you have to remove on the inside first . mine are more of a circular looking screw inside of two black screws , i can't figure out how to take it off

  • ////AMG
    ////AMG 3 hete

    Lol damn, mine has rivets (Model G).

  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson 4 éve

    +adthebarber yooo bro, I went to try this and my trimmers don't have the Philips or star screw! it looks like a rivet! any suggestions

  • Dan Dedering
    Dan Dedering 4 éve

    Thank You! for your posts. The last couple months I've been fighting with my T-Outliner thinking it was blade alignment..nope..had that correct and down over the years of using it almost bought ne blades. DING DING my friend! Blade tension setting. Got that good! buzz back after watching and resetting. Thanks Again! Good Vids and only had to watch 2 both yours.

    ABIBOD 5 hónapja

    In this video I hear you saying one is old model and the other a new model and they both have armature plates with screws, the older one tightened with Phillip screws and the newer one with star screws,honestly I don't know which planet where mine is manufactured although it says Andis on it and it looks exactly the same like these two here because they have the same power switch but unfortunately the armature plate is riveted down so there is nothing that I can do to adjust the armature should anything goes wrong with it. The model number is Andis T Outliner Trimmer Gray Model GTO 04710. I just hope that it is manufactured in planet earth .

  • 89s Gift
    89s Gift 4 éve

    yo AD, in the even newer model they took those screws out completely! >:| so u cant adjust them

  • 409ejg
    409ejg 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    thanks for the video. i just adjusted my clippers and they work great! If you encounter clattering after adjusting, try loosening nut again, push up on the arm from where the triangle piece is where the screws go. lock the nut then put the two screws back on.

  • carl bertrand
    carl bertrand 4 éve

    Dude this was so helpful. Thank you very much.

  • Larren Tarver
    Larren Tarver 2 éve

    Man I've always wondered why my blades kept cutting uneven I went through 3-4 outliners thinking mines was defects well I had the same problem with my current one but now I'm gonna fix it

  • Chris ram
    Chris ram 4 éve

    After about a week after i did this my machine started to pull hair on 1 side of the blade, have u ever came across this with urs

  • mystickid1
    mystickid1 2 éve

    Great tutorial Adrin! This was just what i need to see. My blades are off to the left. Thank you !

  • O.G. Juan-Kool

    You don't know how much this video helped me. Thanks AD.

  • C
    C 3 éve

    I done adjusted mines like 8 times they still want cut... what now, do I need a new blade?

  • JmeNic0
    JmeNic0 4 éve

    Any thoughts on those rivets yet? Mine has them as well. The arm seems off in comparison to this video, but not sure how to fix it. It makes me feel like I should return it.

  • Raptor
    Raptor 4 éve

    Great tutorial thanks

  • BMackulous
    BMackulous 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    bro aint gonna lie, I was just about to throw my Andis in the garbage until I scroll through here and found your video and it helps so much now my machine is cutting brand new...thank you so much for making this video...

  • Derr87
    Derr87 3 éve

    I dont have screws there just flat plates..........

  • Reginald Jones

    great info. I would have never resolve that clattering noise or the uneven of the blades