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  • 2019. márc. 31.

  • ADVANCED GUN SHOP 5.0 - Gmod DarkRP | Automatic Gun Shop! The most advanced gun shop to date. Combining what I've learned from the previous episodes, I knew I wanted to make the best gun shop yet and have it all automatic so I don't have to do anything. I was able to build this using wire mod and the money box. More Garry's Mod DarkRP videos coming soon so make sure to like and subscribe! DarkRP Server: IP: Connect Link: steam://connect/ DarkRP Discord: -Unturned Server- Fudgy Gaming | Semi-RP | | 24/7 IP: Port: 27015 Unturned Discord: MERCH: Subscribe: Donate: If you liked the video, don't forget to like it and subscribe if you haven't already as there will be more videos like this to come and other similar content! Music/sound effects credit: Subscribe and become part of Fudgy's gaming community! Keep in touch! -Twitter: -Steam Group: #gmod #darkrp #gaming


  • Fudgy
    Fudgy 1 éve

    This is the most advanced gun shop yet. It's all automated, all I have to do is restock every now and then. I'll be building more gun shops soon so make sure to subscribe to see them! If you enjoyed this video, feel free to leave a like 😀

  • Anonymous Spuy


  • Aaron McGuire
    Aaron McGuire 1 éve

    Advanced gun shop 6.0 will build itself

  • TheDevilGuys
    TheDevilGuys 1 éve

    Gets 1.3million: Nice

  • ] Efrinox [
    ] Efrinox [ 1 éve

    So if you're a lazy gun dealer

  • Acand SX
    Acand SX 1 éve

    You should do this again but this time put conveyors to load more shipments when one runs out

  • gabe Mian
    gabe Mian 1 éve

    I didn’t finish the video yet but I know it’s going to be amazing because it’s fudgy

  • A radioactive can of beans
    A radioactive can of beans 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I have a suggestion:

  • Devin Moore
    Devin Moore 1 éve

    Can you post a link for the base dupe?

  • SomethingElse
    SomethingElse 1 éve

    Make a conveyor system which automatically refills the shipments

  • Chad Hendrickson

    Fudgy, you should make another gun shop , but make it gigantic.

  • poopy Head
    poopy Head 1 éve

    I was there, well you didn't saw me, I was raiding some bases, :)

  • high moya
    high moya 1 éve

    i think this is actually amazing

  • Scrambled Playz
    Scrambled Playz 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I’ve been watching your vids since the beginning of your channel and they’re still entertaining

  • open_face _grey_knight.gaming
    open_face _grey_knight.gaming 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I love gunshops !

  • Pie Plays
    Pie Plays 1 éve

    This is so cool! Please make more of these advanced gun shops! I love this video!

  • Alper Bulut
    Alper Bulut 1 éve

    Wow thats amazing I wonder how far you can go at gunshop building

  • fleeto yeet
    fleeto yeet 9 hónapja

    Fudgy: so I'm gonna try to explain what im doing

  • Nilixen
    Nilixen 1 éve

    Now try to do it with expression 2 :)

  • Melted cheese Gaming
    Melted cheese Gaming 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    What’s the next event in your server fudgy i hope it’s a FFA or TDM