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  • 2019. febr. 12.

  • Check out our epic cover of Arabian Nights known for Aladdin and features in the new Aladdin trailer too. Enjoy!! 🔔Follow us🔔 ☞ 🎧Purchase the track🎧 ☞ 🟠Support us on Patreon🟠 ☞ 📱Check out the Socials📱 ☞ Facebook: ☞ Twitter: ☞ Instagram: 🎶Track Info🎶 Artist: L'Orchestra Cinématique Writer: Alan Irwin Menken Label: Chapel Music Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Limited If you are wanting to use this track for your own project please email us at Provide a link to your channel and the video you wish to use and we can discuss allowance from there. Kindly note, if you use our content without permission prior, you run the risk of your own content being removed and possible action being made by YouTube! Please subscribe for loads of great cover versions from soundtracks, TV shows, computer games and more! Feel free to comment with any requests. Thank you for listening!


  • Sam flies the helicopter

    When they say music takes you to another place...this is what they mean

  • Chris Prantza
    Chris Prantza 1 éve

    Why am I suddenly in Agraba?

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 1 éve

    If Hans Zimmer composed the Aladdin score.

  • Jacob Tidwell
    Jacob Tidwell 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    Okay, I don't understand why people hate Will Smith's Genie. What were they expecting a blue character played by Will Smith to look like? Personally, it looks

  • Dave Matthew
    Dave Matthew 1 éve

    Unpopular Opinion: I really LIKE Will Smith as the Genie! Especially after watching the latest trailer!

  • God of Evil
    God of Evil 1 éve


  • Cyber Guy
    Cyber Guy 1 éve

    Although Will Smith looks terrifying in the movie, I think we can all agree that this music is terrifyingly great.

  • Daniel Lindorff

    It sounds like like Aladdin future music, like if the Genie was found in the year 3000 or something.

  • Megaproductions302

    Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place

  • Infinite Possibilities

    I’ma be pretty pissed if y’all don’t do a “Friend Like Me” rendition A.S.A.P.

  • הגר גדליוביץ'

    Who would pay Disney for a live action of the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

  • Christine Taggart

    R.I.P. Robin Williams.

    RUĐRA SURVE 4 hónapja

    When you fight with your siblings for the t.v remotr and finally win

  • funny stuff
    funny stuff 1 éve


  • Galaxy Inkling 28

    Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place

  • That Bitch
    That Bitch 1 éve

    Man this theme makes me a prince

  • Sparsh Agarwal

    Great cover!!! But you missed the part which gives us goosebumps as the Disney logo fades away in the trailer.

  • Taha Siddiqui
    Taha Siddiqui 1 éve

    I hope you guys do an epic cover for "Circle of Life" when The Lion King trailer arrives.

  • T a r a s o v
    T a r a s o v 11 hónapja

    This music is perfect for when you're returning from work at night on your camel.

  • Elsie M. Florence

    What dad feels when you touch the thermostat: