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  • Premier dátuma: 2019. júl. 25.

  • Full Size Run is Sole Collector's weekly sneaker talk and debate show featuring co-hosts Brendan Dunne, Matt Welty, and Trinidad James. This week they're joined by NBA and sneaker legend Allen Iverson to talk about why he didn't sign to Nike, his history with Reebok, why he thought the brand did him wrong, Shaq's shoes, and his iconic style. Subscribe to Sole Collector on YouTube: Get your FSR merch here: Check out more of Sole Collector here: Sole Collector was founded in 2003. It is a leading online and print publication that dives deep into sneakers and the culture surrounding them. On Sole Collector, you’ll find the latest in sneaker news, in-depth interviews, and up-to-the-minute details on every major release. The site also offers an online marketplace where collectors can buy and sell rare and valuable sneakers.


  • Sole Collector

    Who had this week's worst take?

  • First We Feast

    Was there live, can confirm this is a classic.

  • Don Fisher
    Don Fisher 1 éve

    If you guys ever cancel the show im boofing a full size run of autographed moneyattis

  • J Haze
    J Haze 1 éve

    Worst take hands down gotta be Trinidad mistaking Lil Wayne for Aaliyah. DAMN.

  • kobe bryant
    kobe bryant 1 éve

    AI seemed pretty standoffish in the beginning but then he saw the vibes of the show and the questions they asked eventually made him loosen up.

  • Biom Rico
    Biom Rico 1 éve

    Worst take: Welty, for one week he doesn’t wear adidas and chooses to wear nike at a rebok event.

  • Tone Riggz
    Tone Riggz 1 éve

    Bok Boyz, pulling up to Ms. Guthrie with that thang on us

  • Azrael
    Azrael 1 éve

    Top 3 episode by far, I love this show bruh

  • Seize 3
    Seize 3 1 éve

    You can tell AI had his guard up at first but then was relaxed as the show went on. One of the best episodes with one of the GOATS!

  • a_jawz
    a_jawz 1 éve

    idk why these guys don't have more subscribers, at this point I think the internet is just trolling you.

  • Charlie Oscar Papa

    Its official, the best Sneaker Show ever created & produced. Rich is rolling in his grave right now.

  • ayosnapback
    ayosnapback 1 éve

    The Jim Jones “Eh-Ha” gets me everytime 😂😂

  • Full Plate
    Full Plate 1 éve

    Trinidad: ...and that’s Wayne right their

  • Hector Rodriguez

    Bro Allen Iverson just called my friend Barry white!! Yo this is crazy!

  • Cameron Frierson
    Cameron Frierson 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I said it before ima say it again.. the editor for this show is not why I watch every episode bt definitely why i will never watch it again if he/she leaves the show. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Marcos B'ALAM
    Marcos B'ALAM 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    Aaliyah my girl fam, for some respek. Dad got to do an R&B song now.

  • Keeton Buell
    Keeton Buell 1 éve

    Aye shoutout to the editor for making this video and Matt, Dad, Brendan, and ofc AI the GOAT!!

  • Christopher Rhodes

    The Weezye shirt 🤨 Gucci socks and skechers next week!

  • Hayato
    Hayato 1 éve

    Edits are unleashed with this one, incredible.

  • Mugen _
    Mugen _ 1 éve

    *welty hands*