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  • Premier dátuma: 2019. nov. 3.

  • 2019.11.03 Release「Turning Up」 Written by Andreas Carlsson, Erik Lidbom, Funk Uchino Rap by Sho Sakurai Track produced by Erik Lidbom Twitter @arashi5official Facebook @arashi5official Instagram @arashi_5_official TikTok @arashi_5_official Weibo @arashi_5


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  • 松本ちゃん
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  • JUN Love
    JUN Love 1 hete

    It's very emotional to watch this music video after watching Netflix's storm many times. We will continue to support the storm that challenges the world.

  • E. Snts
    E. Snts 1 hete

    Checked this MV out as I saw one recommendation from an Arashi Fan. I liked it, as well as In the summer, both are feel-good music. Btw, Jun Matsumoto is still looking good as I remembered him from Hana Yori Dango.

  • RST
    RST 1 hete

    To new fans/viewers, please watch Arashi Happiness MV. It's really a video full of happiness and also cuteness of these five boys 💕

  • ハデメの蛍光色

    o my...

  • チャート式
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  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez

    Haters keep on hating

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 5 napja

    This MV probably means the most to me. Because it's the first video where Arashi welcomed their international fans into the Arashian family officially and I still remember the surreal feeling of happiness I felt that day. It's soon been one year since the day that changed everything for us international fans for the better and I still feel that same gratitude no matter how much time passes. 2020 might have been a horrible year otherwise due to the pandemic but Arashi brought their warm light in the middle of the uncertain and sad times and I'm grateful for everything they've done for us during this past year. Thank you so much Arashi.

  • 自粛中の手越


  • 3jun sze
    3jun sze 1 hete

    I am suprise that some people come here to utter nonsense due to lack of confidence. Arashi and all Jpop are unbothered because Japan is the 2nd largest music industry.

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  • Lira 5
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  • Yoan Nigman
    Yoan Nigman 1 hete

    Seeing them feeling tired, sweaty and irritated in between takes but fresh, joyful and excited on screen is the true landmark of professionnal idols. The high level of commitment throughout their career ought to inspire a true sense respect if not admiration.

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  • まつゆう
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  • ohmiya is real
    ohmiya is real 5 napja

    Best PV that means a lot! First time sing mostly in English. Claim the title that you deserved. Shooting in LA. (T_T)

  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez

    Bruno Mars x Arashi 🌈✨ I’m so proud

  • ミッキー嵐