AutoCam Atlanterhavsveien Letöltés

Küldje el barátainak
  • 2009. febr. 3.

  • CarCam


  • Manonsilvermountain

    I've just moved to Norway, and just LOVE this road, will rent a car and drive up there kjærlig veien er det

  • Talia Miller
    Talia Miller 8 éve

    i wanna go there 3

  • J E
    J E 7 éve

    This is amazing!!! I wanna go there! 3

  • Gonçalo Gomes

    Awesome, thanks for taking the time to share the artist! The other videos on youtube by that name have a pretty bad quality. This is fantastic, cheers!

  • Renata Ludlow
    Renata Ludlow 8 éve're a good driver !...thank you...that was awesome :D xo!

  • guilherme lira

    qual o nome da musica?

  • aSOULproduction

    I want to drive on this road so BAD!!

  • MrsAliceLucky
    MrsAliceLucky 9 éve

    The Best! Is it Muse?

  • Gonçalo Gomes

    What's the name of the song? It's friggin awesome!

  • jong macabinlar

    i miss this place......nd i love it...with my aunte inday nd family,aunte bb nd family....nd co workers...I MISS YOU GUYS.... specially aunte Lolit...miss you T....nd family.

  • Michele Hovet
    Michele Hovet 7 éve

    Nice video and great music! U rock!!! ;-)

  • Mandee Monee
    Mandee Monee 8 éve

    definate MUST drive b4 I die HWY ;)

  • Bror Brewis
    Bror Brewis 7 éve

    I know

  • Gaúcho Reformado

    What music is it?

  • Bill Kitsch
    Bill Kitsch 7 éve

    Really excellent stuff.

  • guilherme lira

    what is the name of the music ?

  • Rafael Cruz
    Rafael Cruz 7 éve

    Nice video. Music name, Please? Who knows?

  • Warrior's Event 🌈


  • Alex Cescon
    Alex Cescon 7 éve

    eu n sou o frist

  • SoundToyzAreUs

    grammar nazi is the ultimate low