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  • 2015. szept. 23.

  • Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Breakaway · Kelly Clarkson Breakaway ℗ 2004 Walt Disney Records Released on: 2004-01-17 Composer, Lyricist: Matthew Gerrard Composer, Lyricist: Bridget Benenate Composer, Lyricist: Avril Lavigne Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing Engineer, Producer: John Shanks Drums, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Jeff Rothschild Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • Julia Terzis
    Julia Terzis 3 éve

    Follow your dreams, no matter how far they'll take you. Never let anybody keep you from achieving your greatest ambitions.

  • Kathrine Berg
    Kathrine Berg 2 éve

    My mom loved this song before she became a angel in the sky. I remember it would come on the radio when we would come from my grandmas when I was younger. I love you mommy

  • corwin11412
    corwin11412 2 éve

    Early 2000s. Great time.

  • 99thJediWarrior

    Someone's graduation song, I bet :)

  • 17Kik's with Kiara

    this is my childhood song.

  • 이지은
    이지은 2 éve

    Grew up in a small town

  • Darius Bennett

    princess diaries

  • Angel Tomlinson

    they used this song in literally every Disney movie

  • zpushy633 Sora

    This song came out when I was 6 I'm 20 now and I always look back to 2004 and 2005 and all the awesome Childhood Memories I had

  • Matt Barker
    Matt Barker 2 éve

    Princess Diaries, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc.

  • Living And Loving
    Living And Loving 3 hónapja

    I have autism, and I used to have epilepsy, so I used to be a special ed student. This song reminds me of when I transitioned to being a full time mainstream student.

  • Tom Thornton
    Tom Thornton 2 éve

    Weird hearing this song after listening to avril lavigne, as it's clearly her song...yet that voice isn't hers! Kelly does a brilliant job on it though, but it is still strange, as this could've easily fitted on avril's let go, and Kelly instead singing 'I'm with you' or 'too much to ask'

  • TheStepmonkey
    TheStepmonkey 1 éve

    This was actually written by Avril Lavigne💗

  • Alicia Reynolds

    I forgot how good this song is

  • Gabrielle Ramirez

    2018 anyone?

  • Briana Patrick
    Briana Patrick 2 éve (szerkesztve)


  • TomboyQueenie Drawings

    I was born in 1993, and I listen to song when I was almost 11, I'm now 25 years old, and I still miss this song

  • 17Kik's with Kiara

    I grew up with song this my favorite song for real

  • MrVictorperez96

    2004...... lots of memories

  • unknown ???
    unknown ??? 3 éve

    This bring back so many good memories yet it's so sad