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  • 2019. szept. 11.

  • Seventy thousand people, some clothed, gathering for a week to explore the alternative reality of gift economy, kindness, love, art, dust, music, and fire. Free food, booze, cooling sprays, jewelry, and all sorts of other offerings coming at you from all directions. Strangely, not once did we see a drunk, stoned, or otherwise obnoxious person, though I'm sure some were there. Throw into the mix infinite impossible-to-see-it-all art vehicles and installations, including 2/3 of a giant Boeing 747, a thousand workshops on any topic possible, all sorts of performance arts and burnings (yeah the burns hurt to see), a view of an infinite flat dusty dessert, and radical inclusiveness and respect and you are at the Black Rock City 2019. ... (C) Ael 2019 ... Soundtrack www.aelmusic.com ...


  • Deynis Ormeno
    Deynis Ormeno 1 éve

    Family is the most important and the love that it brings.

  • Paul Germano
    Paul Germano 1 éve

    I was there for the first time and I hope to do it again and again.

  • Tom Banks
    Tom Banks 1 éve

    One of the better videos of this event. I appreciate the addition of the children in this video. It adds a layer of perspective that many don't have. The music got too preachy at times for me as I look to these clips for inspiration, clarification, and personal enjoyment. Personal expression is what it's all about so, thanks for the post!

  • Paul Nieuwenhuis
    Paul Nieuwenhuis 1 hónapja

    luv it. slower horizontal camera movement next time is easier on the eye. luv the desert sound without music

  • QwertyU
    QwertyU 1 éve

    Beautifully done. The best reference to the spirit of Burning Man in the music both chosen and actual, spontaneity, visual. The dreamlike quality did allow a sense of being there. The dust storm scenes were splendid. Thank you for not narrating! It was "narrated" especially well on a different level. Now I need to start creating my vehicle for next year! Thank you!

  • ElevateSon
    ElevateSon 9 hónapja

    damn and I thought my edit was too long, nice job playa

  • Deynis Ormeno
    Deynis Ormeno 1 éve

    Gretting From Chile 😸

  • Gerdy McFerty
    Gerdy McFerty 2 hónapja

    Amazing!! A work of art!! So much beauty. Thank you so very much. Wish you could be there 2020. Hope all are well!!

  • Amanda Blevins

    I love your video!

  • john fraser
    john fraser 1 éve

    Lovely video and music. Really captivating. Makes me feel good.

  • Richard King
    Richard King 1 éve

    I would like to go to burning man but I’m from London England whats the koo

  • paulo xxx
    paulo xxx 11 hónapja

    thanks for sharing this magic week

  • theDiamond Portal

    These Songs, throughout, the lyrics, and you guys Harmony manner, are sooo nice, really Good composers, beautiful Family!💗💗💗💗⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Juggle One
    Juggle One 11 hónapja

    Familly burning Man love peace ´´´´ the Life réality mad Max arts News génération ´´´2019 ´´´➕⚓️🙊🙈🙉↗️↗️👽🚨🎈

  • ido marom
    ido marom 1 éve

    really catches the experience. makes me wanna go next year ..

  • Happy John
    Happy John 1 hónapja


  • Sylvie Rouse
    Sylvie Rouse 1 éve

    I love the sound track ,who is it from?

  • D. D.
    D. D. 10 hónapja

    man oh man, these are some great songs

  • Adam Dawda
    Adam Dawda 1 éve

    sick, sis!

  • iforgotmine
    iforgotmine 11 hónapja

    Thank You.