Car Rugby at Twickenham (First Half) | Top Gear Letöltés

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  • 2013. szept. 22.

  • This clip contains language that some viewers may find offensive. Jeremy and James play car rugby using Kia Cee'ds and Kia Sportages at Twickenham Stadium and the Stig as a referee in a Vauxhall Astra Police car. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  • Simon & Corbin

    Top Gear played rocket league before it was cool.

  • Ælfric Munuc
    Ælfric Munuc 4 éve

    JEREMY: "Can it play rugby?"

  • LE_GO_KID311 Gaming

    I hope that stadium has a good landscaper

  • Jonathan Y Wu
    Jonathan Y Wu 4 éve

    Now I know where the inspiration for Rocket League came from.

  • appelpower1
    appelpower1 6 éve

    I love how rugby is more violent than football, but car football is more violent than car rugby.

  • Jake Styne
    Jake Styne 4 éve

    That stadium could have been sold out for this :(

  • Jeb Watson
    Jeb Watson 4 éve

    This needs to be a sport...

  • Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming 5 éve

    this should be tried with the air bags enabled

  • Xalataf
    Xalataf 4 éve

    OK... I'll buy 6 diecast Kia Sportages and 4 diecast Kia cee'ds and make car rugby... And a Vauxhall Astra Police car... Now I can remake this...

  • Sonny Ghosh
    Sonny Ghosh 6 éve

    Needs to be a real sport

  • David C
    David C 5 éve

    hope they all had insurance.

  • Mandarin
    Mandarin 5 éve


  • Juan Duran
    Juan Duran 4 éve

    more importantly..... why is this not a real sport!!!!!!

  • Smoblikatt
    Smoblikatt 5 éve

    This is honestly one of the best things I have ever seen. One more thing to add to my list if I ever win the lottery.

  • TheOpelkoenjas

    Would have been hilarious if the airbags would have popped. :D

  • mopslopmop
    mopslopmop 6 éve

    Why isn't this an official sport?

  • Nickolas Holder

    Lol! Look at Jeremy's head. It's so squashed in the helmet.

  • Kipp Mann Benn

    Should have done a scrum

  • Lamborghini guy 12

    Kia vs Kia Korea vs Korea.

  • jackradcliffe993

    Worst referee he's ever come across? Obviously haven't seen too much of Wayne Barnes...