Chris Rock Crashes Seth's Monologue! - Late Night with Seth Meyers Letöltés

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  • 2014. jún. 12.

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  • connectpoliticditto

    I would hate to be one of the writers whose jokes Seth had to tell in front of a stand up legend.

  • The Cricket Nerd

    I can't even.

  • Adam Charming
    Adam Charming 6 éve

    Seth: Here's an idea - Guest Monologues. You and the guest doing the monologue. Nobody else does it and would be potentially hilarious even if it failed...

  • theycallmezeal

    I like how Seth begins reacting before Chris makes contact with him.

  • Eric DeVito
    Eric DeVito 6 éve

    Chris's faces were the funniest parts.

  • David Crescencio

    Chris rock is so funny so is Seth Myers

  • Valeria BK
    Valeria BK 6 éve


  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly 6 éve

    That was cool.

  • ToroidalVortexLove

    have you ever really looked at fire?

  • Olivia H
    Olivia H 6 éve

    I love chris rock

  • Eli Bicehose
    Eli Bicehose 6 éve

    Pause at three seconds 😃

  • SkypeCounsellor

    Sorry to say this show is awful in all aspects..except for the 90 seconds of banter with Fred (when he actually is on the show), and occasionally when Seth tells true stories after the monologue.  But the monologue, bits, and interviews are tedious.

  • Vanja Seatovic

    See how is he ironic about Seths jokes? And I can purely see that Chris is on drugs.

  • cutekitten12
    cutekitten12 6 éve

    was chris suppose to be his new sidekick? aww i miss sidekick dale

  • Erik Brandt
    Erik Brandt 6 éve

    It seems to me that Chris Rock was being a jerk, that he didn't really like Seth at all and just wanted to be a dick at the typical late night monolog jokes. 

  • patchman95
    patchman95 6 éve

    Oh & his theme song is terrible too. It reminds me of shows when people fix up someone's houses.

  • patchman95
    patchman95 6 éve

    I came in with high hopes & confidence for Seth & his show but I have to say I'm highly disappointed. It's not funny at all except when Fred (whenever he's on the show) talks about his thing he just created & when Seth talks about his true stories (sometimes). I wish Conan would've stayed doing the Tonight Show & Jimmy the Late Show, they're my favorite.

  • kikisnail
    kikisnail 6 éve

    Chris Rock is here, so umm, Everybody Hates Chris is coming back right. Is he going to guest star in another Louis.

  • stevecass
    stevecass 6 éve

    Whenever unfunny white comedians fall at the monologue, Chris Rock is there to save the jokes!