Classic Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Díaz – Full Fight Letöltés

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  • 2019. ápr. 18.

  • The fight was billed as Lethal Combination, which was a lightweight title boxing match. The bout took place on June 28, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Pacquiao defeated Diaz via technical knockout in the ninth round. The fight sealed Pacquiao's status as the best pound-for-pound fighter after he was elevated to the #1 spot because of the retirement of the undefeated five-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. weeks prior to the fight and put Pacquiao's name in the history books as the only Asian fighter to win five world titles in five weight classes. Top Rank CEO Bob Arum matched Pacquiao against Diaz when Pacquiao decided to move up to lightweight division. Diaz, the WBC champion made his last 2 title defense by beating Ramon Montano and Pacquiao's most recent conqueror, Erik Morales, via unanimous decision in August 2007. Pacquiao was stronger and faster than Diaz, pounding him with big punches from the first round on. Early in the bout, Pacquiao would step in and rip off three and four punch combinations at a time. He cut the nose of Diaz in the second round and a few rounds later he opened a gash above the right eye of Diaz, turning the fight into a bloody affair. The cut was bad enough to prompt the referee to have the doctor look at it twice during the fight. Pacquiao hurt Diaz with an uppercut in round eight and in the ninth round, a jab followed by a left hand that Diaz never saw coming, sent him down face first to the mat and the referee jumped in to stop the action. Arum reported that the fight had made 12.5 million dollars (250,000 pay-per-view subscriptions at $49.95 each), earning Diaz his best payday of 850,000 dollars, whilst Pacquiao earned at least 3 million dollar. Official records revealed an attendance of 8,362 (out of a maximum capacity of 12,000). #boxing #mannypacquiao #daviddiaz #daviddíaz #boxeo #ppv #classicboxing #CaneloAlvarez #GennadyGolovkin #MiguelCotto #SadamAli #SorRungvisai #AnthonyJoshua #WladimirKlitschko #SergeyKovalev #Philippines #Mexico #filipino #mexican #PuertoRico #puertorican #felixtrinidad #miketyson #MuhammadAli #pacquiao #diaz #asia #asian


  • breakaway2x
    breakaway2x 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    This was an absolute clinic and beatdown if there ever was one. The greatest pound 4 pound boxer in the history of the sport. This why floyd ducked prime pacquiao and went into retirement at only 30 years old and decided to fight manny when he was older and slower.

  • abraham Llave
    abraham Llave 7 hónapja


  • Pinoy Entrepreneur
    Pinoy Entrepreneur 6 hónapja

    Whos watching this During Lockdown?

  • AE RIS
    AE RIS 2 hónapja

    For all Manny’s opponents this guy is the most sports guy .. respect.

  • Veronica Meeley
    Veronica Meeley 4 hónapja

    Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter in his generation.

  • nicol pogi
    nicol pogi 6 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Kung nka home quarantine ka at wla kang mGawa nannod ka ng classic pacquiao fight...

  • Camillo Taake
    Camillo Taake 4 hónapja

    no. 1 fighter in the world

  • Graciano Mendoza
    Graciano Mendoza 7 hónapja

    The most gentlemanly opponent of Manny. Thank you David. You yourself are a good boxer bro. Respect and love from all Filipinos.

  • Paps_ Jc
    Paps_ Jc 1 hónapja

    During Pac's rise.


    among all of the Paquiao's opponent, only David Diaz comments got my attention to admire his job and knows that he spoke the reality in facing the 8 division champion. Diaz is honest and humble warrior too with the heart of a lion.

  • reynaldo montano
    reynaldo montano 6 hónapja

    Have you realized that that was Pacquiao trying to lift Diaz pulling his arms after the knockdown?..What else can u say..

  • George Foster
    George Foster 4 hónapja

    Diaz didnt run from manny like Mayweather did hes a man. Mayweather was scared to fight to to toe lol

  • Gaspen Payne
    Gaspen Payne 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)


  • Bryan Kim
    Bryan Kim 3 hónapja

    just imagine if Pacman stayed at 135 Loma has no place at all.

  • Anthony Lu
    Anthony Lu 6 hónapja

    I admire David Diaz, he's a gentleman even he loss to manny.

  • Barnpicks888
    Barnpicks888 6 hónapja

    Covid 19 made me re-visit all of Pacquiao’s fight and how amazing of a boxer he is!

  • Thrilla from Manila
    Thrilla from Manila 3 hónapja

    David Diaz was a true sportsman

  • pj restor
    pj restor 6 hónapja

    mad respect to David Diaz. What a sportsman.

  • hb Amistoso
    hb Amistoso 5 hónapja

    my all time favorite boxing player in the world found here in the Philippines my "IDOL"

  • Fitness Fanatic
    Fitness Fanatic 4 hónapja

    The only 8 division world champion in history.