Coldplay a sky full of stars @ Amsterdam Arena 24-06-2016 Letöltés

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  • 2016. jún. 25.

  • Coldplay live Amsterdam Arena june 24, 2016 A Head Full Of Dreams Tour


  • _theshutterholic _
    _theshutterholic _ 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    They are so lucky who attended this consert!

  • Jackhead
    Jackhead 3 éve

    i was there and this song and adventure of a lifetime damm they arent their best songs but the live versions holy crap!! the stadium was shaking 60.000 people jumping and screaming the power of music is unbelievable..

  • mar quem
    mar quem 3 éve

    the crowd looks like the SKY FULL OF STARS, it's amazing! such heavenly view.

  • Vicky Coras
    Vicky Coras 3 hónapja

    Am i the only one crying?, this somehow hits deep 😭💫💞

  • Tommeke1234
    Tommeke1234 3 éve

    I was there too! On the field and close to the podium. And not with my cellphone in my hand, but just enjoying the show

  • Raazjesh Grg
    Raazjesh Grg 2 éve

    is these heaven ?

  • chadhorno caprihorn

    what a huge crowd

  • Reynaldo Roque
    Reynaldo Roque 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    When coldplay sings this song it looks like the northern lights so cool

  • Rasyid Muhammad

    The crowd chorus made it more then perfect.

  • Vedant Ramesh
    Vedant Ramesh 2 éve

    Chris Martin rocks the stage every time👍👏

  • Jeff Hough
    Jeff Hough 3 éve

    Wish I'd been there. It looks incredible, beautiful, amazing. By the way the Amsterdam crowd sounded brilliant too.

  • Rabah Hvn
    Rabah Hvn 3 éve

    it's just so amazing having thousands of fans singing and juming with your songs ♥ amazing feeling

  • big fungus toes


  • Margarita Gjorgjevic
    Margarita Gjorgjevic 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    The most beautiful view.....perfectly...thanks for this...its amazing...greetings from Macedonia

  • Nando Octavano

    It was so great !!! Hoping coldplay can Show their performance in Indonesia sometimes.

  • Mohannad Sarhan

    I love Coldplay and this concert looks amazing

  • Elica Co
    Elica Co 2 éve

    When will I experience this 😔😢💔💔💔

  • Syafiq Za'ba
    Syafiq Za'ba 3 éve

    i was thereeeee.. in my spirit form XD

  • Rafael Noya Gil

    Dios tiene que ser increíble estar en un concierto de coldplay simplemente impresionante

  • Agas PutraPradhana

    Such a heavenly view 😍