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  • 2016. okt. 11.

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  • Xx_Iphone_xX
    Xx_Iphone_xX 3 éve

    What you will need:

  • mcgucci flipflops

    Why don't you just use real blood? It would be so much easier! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Gina Digweed
    Gina Digweed 3 éve

    Easy to make, CHECK, realistic, CHECK, cheap items, CHECK.

  • Kenzie Ball
    Kenzie Ball 1 éve

    Who else is in 2018 planning for Halloween😂

  • Fatima Hasham
    Fatima Hasham 1 éve

    Who else came here to check the comments

  • GooGoowa
    GooGoowa 2 éve

    In a jar:

  • Jungkook's lost banana milk

    i did the "on my period prank" on my boyfriend and his reaction was so sweet here is the conversation

  • Bangarang86
    Bangarang86 11 hónapja

    I’d go easy on the green food coloring as it will probably turn your blood brown. Try the recipe without green because the cocoa should darken it enough. If you feel it should be darker, add a couple drops of green afterward.

  • Ârsene
    Ârsene 1 éve

    2019 anyone?

  • Ginger Tea T.V.

    nah i would just use the blood as a donut glaze cause its edible......and with that glaze you can make bloody donuts with strawberry jam in the middle

  • Rasel Khan
    Rasel Khan 3 éve

    thanks bro . i think it will help me to bring my girlfriend back .

  • Elyas the king

    every like will get u more candy

  • Jon Campos
    Jon Campos 1 éve

    That’s the most realistic I’ve seen so far, and I work in the medical field.

  • felicia ong
    felicia ong 3 éve (szerkesztve)

    make a blood with cocoa powder?!

  • •
     1 éve

    Am not planing this for halloween am planning this for 1st april >:)

  • life is a bitch

    Me: Nah don't need fake blood when we've got real ☺

  • Alrie Aquino
    Alrie Aquino 1 éve

    The intro is what my period feels

  • sophie elena
    sophie elena 1 éve

    And let’s play the game how will I hide this from my parents

  • A Girl Who Needs 5000 Subscribers

    Thank you very much!!! Now I can prank my family heheheHEHEHE

  • Lilers yt
    Lilers yt 1 éve

    2018 anyone? Lol 😂