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  • 2017. jún. 26.

  • A step-by-step setup and features guide for the BMW Connected app for the iPhone. Video link to the BMW Connected guide for Android phones: Download it today! iOS : Android: *BMW Premium Package needs to be booked and Remote Services activated prior to using the app. Guide can be found in this video:


  • Mark
    Mark 2 éve

    The main thing it is missing, is that it should alert your phone if the car alarm is triggered!!!!

  • mint hos
    mint hos 3 éve

    You can do all that but cant start the car ?

  • Mr Mooseman
    Mr Mooseman 5 hónapja

    why is everyone who posts on youtube deluded into thinking they have some sense of artistry.

  • Bidou Bk
    Bidou Bk 1 éve

    Why this musicccccc

  • Jữnįör 888

    Thanks for making this videos

  • iAngeL
    iAngeL 1 hónapja

    Thank you for the video 💖

  • Sebastian Stoian

    Thanks for the great info!

  • AMEX
    AMEX 2 éve

    Remote 3D feature is awesome!!!!

  • kokovq
    kokovq 1 éve

    The 3D remote view is insane

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen 1 éve

    Music ever really jarring!!

  • John Zheznyakovskiy
    John Zheznyakovskiy 10 hónapja

    What about remote start?

  • gargola n17
    gargola n17 2 éve

    Is that app works on bmw 2013 335xi f30?

  • Cormac Traynor
    Cormac Traynor 8 hónapja

    Singapore = Always ventilate now lah

  • Agon Kryeziu
    Agon Kryeziu 2 éve

    How can i fix it on bmw X4 M-packet 28.10.2014

  • Lars Skov
    Lars Skov 6 hónapja

    terrible sound...

  • Engage Overdrive

    I hoped that it would provide remote start and A/c in summer. No such luck BMW does not believe in it.

  • kumar kake
    kumar kake 1 éve

    No update in india since ages BMW connected app Sucks.....i own 5 series and I regret