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  • 2008. dec. 16.

  • "Just Another Case"


  • DJ4080
    DJ4080 4 éve

    I still play Da Dirty 30 album

  • lookout11569
    lookout11569 5 éve

    one of the most original new York rap albums ever made

  • 630alpha
    630alpha 9 éve

    This really brings me back to that year. Reminds me of getting gear on Fordham road, meeting up with my fellas during the day to ride around and going out with my lady on the weekend. True hip-hop classic

  • Irfan GForces
    Irfan GForces 5 éve

    big tune....that classic ny rap shit

  • Raymond Elie
    Raymond Elie 10 éve

    when i first heard this joint , I thought is was hot.. When Pronto I sold. Pronto was the shit

  • thehiphophermit
    thehiphophermit 11 éve

    nice quality mang. love this song.. takin me back to high school

  • justin v
    justin v 11 éve

    yo son I know I wish I could jump in that video and stay there forever yo.

  • TheMostHatedPlayer17

    @cap1982cap Cru - Pronto

  • Eduardo Gastelum

    What happened to this cats ?

  • cianamja
    cianamja 9 éve

    rap city all day

  • Cayenne George
    Cayenne George 11 éve

    The name of the first song is "Pronto".

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt 1 éve

    Cru much respect hot to def

  • Giorgi Chinchaladze

    some funk

  • SLACK-1
    SLACK-1 10 éve

    That video was actually kinda boring for such a good song, and what happened to slick rick ?

  • daboe0909
    daboe0909 10 éve

    This shit is so crisp and poetic... The flow of the lyrics match the beat like bacon and eggs

  • Liudvikas Glauzeris


  • Alto Johnson
    Alto Johnson 10 éve

    I wonder where CRU is From?

  • RaV92a
    RaV92a 10 éve

    is this guy in glasses Chaddio, Mighty Ha or Yogi? Cuz I just know their names but don't know who is who.

  • cap1982cap
    cap1982cap 11 éve

    What's the name of the first song again????Been searching for that joint all over the place

  • cap1982cap
    cap1982cap 11 éve

    What's the name of the first song again???Been searching for that joint all over the place!!!!