David Bowie - Blackstar (Video) Letöltés

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  • 2015. nov. 19.

  • "'Blackstar" off David Bowie's album Blackstar available now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/blackstar_itunes Amazon: http://smarturl.it/blackstar_amazon Spotify: http://smarturl.it/blackstar_spotify Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/blackstar_vinyl Limited Edition Lithograph & Music Bundles: http://smarturl.it/blackstar_dbstore Limited Edition Clear Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/blackstar_clearvinyl Follow David Bowie: http://davidbowie.com http://facebook.com/davidbowie http://twitter.com/davidbowiereal http://instagram/davidbowie


  • HappyConsoleGamer

    The man who fell to Heaven...

  • AgentXPQ
    AgentXPQ 2 hónapja

    I feel validated. I chose my teenage heroes wisely.

  • Movie Community College

    Boy you can feel Mr Crowley on this

  • Julian Coquelet
    Julian Coquelet 4 hónapja

    The 19,000 dislikes were people who were crying and couldn’t see the like button clearly.

  • Dolus
    Dolus 2 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    This song is deep, dark, cosmic, experimental, occult, intriguing, mystical and even a bit sexy.

  • FoxOwne
    FoxOwne 4 éve

    Simon Pegg said something along the lines of "If you're feeling sad, just remember that the world is over four billion years old and yet you managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie."

  • Joel 56
    Joel 56 3 hónapja

    Not gonna lie, this is pretty goddamn weird.

  • Shannon Lloyd
    Shannon Lloyd 4 hónapja

    Space Oddity / Ashes to Ashes / Blackstar. The completion of the Major Tom saga.

  • Tom Rath
    Tom Rath 1 hónapja

    i’m pretty sure that bowie was some kind of cosmic being that was holding it all together, since he died the world has gone to complete shit

  • Alk Vra
    Alk Vra 3 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    The Starman didn't die... He just became the blackstar....

  • Styxhexenhammer666

    This song passes the test. If I can listen to a song ten times in a row and then a few hours later after not listening to it, hear it again and enjoy it, it's a good song.

  • Erik Swanson
    Erik Swanson 3 hónapja

    He was sixty-nine years old when he did this. He was still a good looking man.

  • Shirronekko
    Shirronekko 2 hónapja

    How he “burned out” instead of fading away. How he absorbed the best of his modern influences while still maintaining the core of who he was as an artist. He used his death as reflexive creation, and invited us in the innermost private experience a human being could have.

  • Diana Ruiz
    Diana Ruiz 2 hónapja

    In the Villa of Ormen

  • Dom C
    Dom C 1 hete

    Is it art? Is it a film? Is it genius? Without doubt it's all three

  • Mikey Gaming
    Mikey Gaming 4 éve

    No one will ever go out like him. At least in our life time.

  • Morning D.E.W.
    Morning D.E.W. 2 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Who else is watching in 2020? Wondering what David Bowie knew, that we don’t... 🧐

  • フィードバック野村

    I’m in Japan. There are many people who love David Bowie. I’m one of them. I’m proud of living in Kyoto where David Bowie loved.

  • シj u p i t e rシ
    シj u p i t e rシ 1 hónapja

    Fun fact: This music video scared the living shit outta me for some reason

  • Zack Zallie
    Zack Zallie 1 hónapja

    This song is its own genre. I seriously don't know what genre this song I specifically put into.