Dire Straits Sydney 1986 [HD Audio] 60fps Letöltés

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  • 2017. júl. 12.

  • Thank you for watching! Like and subscribe 1. Ride Across the River: 0:00 - 10:40 2. Expresso Love: 10:41 - 17:34 3. Industrial Disease: 17:35 - 23:08 4. So Far Away 23:16 - 30:51 5. Romeo and Juliet: 30:52 - 41:53 6. Private Investigations: 41:55 - 50:01 7. Sultans of Swing: 50:02 - 1:01:53 8. Why Worry: 1:01:58 - 1:09:44 9. Your Latest Trick: 1:09:50 - 1:14:50 10. Walk of Life: 1:14:53 - 1:21:35 11. Two Young Lovers: 1:21:40 - 1:30:48 12. Money for Nothing: 1:30:50 - 1:38:50 13: Tunnel of Love: 1:39:00 - 1:50:15 14. Brothers in Arms: 1:51:10 - 1:59:00 15. Solid Rock: 1:59:10 - 2:03:35 16. Waltzing Matilda 2:04:00 - 2:05:40 17. Going Home (Local Hero theme): 2:08:30 - 2:12:51 All credit and rights go to their respective owners


  • Shawn Pierre
    Shawn Pierre 3 hónapja

    If you were at this concert, then blessed are thee, for this may have been the best music show ever performed... Period...

  • Josias Jesse
    Josias Jesse 6 hónapja

    Uma das melhores apresentações desses gênios do rol viva o rok

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 2 éve

    This in my opinion is the best sounding straits concert . I’ve watched over 1000 times since I was 10 years old

  • PrairleDoggedRez
    PrairleDoggedRez 3 hónapja

    The instrumental at the end of Tunnel of Love has to be the most spine tingling piece of guitar genius ever produced...gobsmacked.

  • David Herbert
    David Herbert 6 hónapja

    This was a simulcast on 96FM here in Perth.

  • Jefferson Leandro Lima da Silva

    A melhor versão de So far Away...

    JRP TECH 6 hónapja

    The year was 1986, The scene was a small country home in the sticks of a Victorian Country town. It was a Fresh cold night with the wood fire burning hot in the living room. There had been weeks of hype and lead up on BTV6 on TV. There I was, a 7 year old musical family boy already in the grips of Strat-dom with his own black and white Torch stratocaster clone firmly on his knee never leaving his side, and this was the first ever full rock concert he had ever watched. My 10 year older guitarist brother and guitarist father excited about what was about to happen. I was getting totally amped up on my bro's excitement. We had our brand new Panasonic VHS recorder and brand new tapes ready to fire!!! I was allowed to stay up late..... very late!!! What happened next was beyond comprehension, an innocent and naive 7 year old child having his young little mind absolutely blown to bits for the next 2 hours of his very short life. Tears of joy, absolutely rocking the hell out in the living room, absolute amazement and bemusement at what was taking place live on TV before his very eyes, he would never to be the same again. It was this concert that was the reason for me to go on to be a professional musician for 3 decades. One of the absolute top five moments of my life, if not No. 1. This concert has the most profound effect on me to this day. I am now 41 years of age, and watching and listening to this show takes me directly back to how I felt as a 7 years old boy. One of the best Dire Straights concerts in their absolute peak ever filmed. I have no doubt a great many others were moved like I was by this Live Airing in 1986. Well done Australian TV and Molly Meldrum. This is a time when you got things right!

  • Grant Wright
    Grant Wright 3 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    They did 23 straight shows at the Entertainment Centre here in Sydney, at the end of their World Tour..I went to four of them..

  • John Pettinato
    John Pettinato 5 hónapja

    So far Away, here, is a masterpiece.

  • Paulo Antunes
    Paulo Antunes 6 hónapja

    Sublime este homem


    Спасибо всем, кто слушает, и смотрит ЭТО: плохие люди здесь не ходят..

  • Tara Blackburn
    Tara Blackburn 4 hónapja

    I am so grateful to be able to jones out on DS and MK during the pandemic. He will be forever my fave musician. Now more than ever. His prophetic words still ring so true. This video is so excellent. I love the close ups of Mark's most amazing hands. So elegant. I feel so blessed to be able to be living at the same time as Mark K! He continues to bless us all. He evokes so much love and feeling in us all. With the help of such awesome musicians. The piano solo on "Tunnel of Love" blows me away every time. Thanks for this site.

  • AlpRider
    AlpRider 5 hónapja

    I love the way Mark just looks like he's absent minded daydreaming while shredding outrageous guitar solos. He's so good he just checks in on his hands every now and then to make sure they're still doing the thing, yup, anyway hmm back to what to cook for dinner...

  • José Estêvão Melo de Sousa

    MK canta uma frase e a guitarra outra. Isso é mágico!

  • Ross Longley
    Ross Longley 3 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I remember being a 10 year old watching this time and time again on a recording on vhs in Sydney, my first music love... and has never stopped. My fave, stumbled across this about 12 months ago, so nostalgic!! Kudos to Mr Jack Sonni who for me stole the show, love his energy and style - those solos in Espresso Love, Two Young Lovers and Solid Rock!!! Best song in the set , and my favourite So far away - best version of any song ever !!!

  • Christopher Woulfe
    Christopher Woulfe 3 hónapja

    it wasn't just a concert. It was a really great party. You had to be there.

  • Nicole TRIBOLLET
    Nicole TRIBOLLET 4 hónapja

    Le meilleur live qui soit ! On n'a jamais fait mieux depuis !

  • Ville Hytönen
    Ville Hytönen 5 hónapja

    OMG, Dire Straits at their peak. Can't believe I haven't this earlier. I am into a musical eargasm during my corona quarantine day at the home office.

  • Constantin Kostenczyk

    Meseriasi de meseriasi in Australia , yes Sir 👍

  • Vicente Gustavo DESSY MELGAR

    Epic! When the world appreciated pure music! Not a question of generation, what's classic, will live in eternal present.