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  • 2019. jan. 24.

  • #GullyBoy #RanveerSingh #GullyBoyNewSong #AliaBhatt #Naezy #Divine #Emiway


  • RzIII Vlogs
    RzIII Vlogs 1 éve

    The Scene with the Crying Rich Girl and Poor RS as Driver was ULTIMATE!!!

  • Siddharth Vaghasia

    This scene in movie would be remembered as one of best written scene in Indian cinema..

  • Inspiration S
    Inspiration S 1 éve

    It was a powerful scene... clearly showed the difference in class

  • Usuf Ali
    Usuf Ali 1 éve

    This scene scratched my heart.

  • Mansoor ahmed
    Mansoor ahmed 1 éve

    Ye scene movie dobara dekne majboor kardiya Hy

  • saddam hussain

    Best scene in the movie

  • hemant kale
    hemant kale 1 éve

    Please make full version of this poem...... this car scene is unforgettable.....lagata hai ki yeh poem sunate hi rahana... kabhi khatam na ho

  • Manan Bhavsar
    Manan Bhavsar 1 éve

    Brilliant screenplay and dialogue scene of movie

  • Prateek Bhore
    Prateek Bhore 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    This scene was more of 'Tanhai.'

  • Prashant Dahiya

    This scene was so powerful

  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh 1 éve

    The poem scene was so powerful!!

  • Annvy Pro
    Annvy Pro 1 éve

    English translation-

  • Essa Athar
    Essa Athar 1 éve

    Oh damn, those lyrics with that scene. Ooof. Really struck me.

  • makarand parab

    One of the Best scene of movie

  • Megha Yadnik
    Megha Yadnik 1 éve

    This scene was epic..just touch your emotion..can someone provide me the video

  • Evan 30
    Evan 30 1 éve

    The music begins like, ‘the way’ by Hans zimmer. It’s paced here

  • Bharath Surapaneni

    One of the best scenes in the movie for sure

  • Soham Chowdhury

    It was the best scene

  • Tushar Kale
    Tushar Kale 1 éve

    Emotional scene and lyrics

  • Shreyanshi Sahu

    This song made for me 😍😍😍 whom crush on me and my crush on him