Florida Governor's race in 30 seconds Letöltés

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  • 2014. okt. 28.

  • Charlie Crist, who was once a republican turned independent, is now running as a democrat against Rick Scott.


  • LibertyNotLicense

    How much did that cost the Scott campaign?

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith 2 éve

    How is this about the Florida Governor's race if it only talks about Charlie Crist?? Total click bait

  • chin sye ming
    chin sye ming 5 éve

    hope Charlie Crist win

  • stevea0816
    stevea0816 5 éve

    If I  lived in Florida and I was  faced with an election that had two terrible candidates and a third wheel I would take the lesser of the two evils as we have heard it said and  leave out the third wheel and that's why Scott would get my vote! The very liberal chameleon Crist and the libertarian Willey would not get my vote but that's just me I son't care what they stand for. 

  • Kristoffer Vikan

    If the people of Florida elects Crist, I don't know what to say....