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  • 2019. júl. 16.

  • sooooo i flew from manila, philippines to los angeles, USA alone at 15. exciting times. decided to vlog it. hope u enjoy :) ✰ S O C I A L S ✰ TWITTER: loringabriella ↳ INSTAGRAM: loringabriella ↳ SPOTIFY: loringabriella ↳



    lori: flying across the world alone at 15

  • Mickaella Marie

    Hey! The first time I traveled alone, I was only 9 years old! My flight was from Cebu all the way to Las Vegas and the PAL flight attendant that was assigned to me literally forgot about me and i was almost left behind in Vancouver since we had a stop over there lol been traveling alone ever since and I'm already 23. It's literally the most liberating feeling :)

    KENSTASHI 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    Why can't all of us get to experience a LIFE like this. :(

  • itsme Dionaldo

    at first she looks like MAARTE WANNA BE VLOGER yet the more I watch longer her vlog the rawness makes me feel like shes nice and not that wanna be girls out there . 🤗😘

  • Snow Alrashdi
    Snow Alrashdi 11 hónapja

    She is practical.spontaneous and natural. Unlike the old generation of Gutz, they're always trying soo hard to looks like A-list.

  • Patricia Gatus

    The immigration officer just asked me if I have lechon in my luggage. LOL

  • Brienne TV
    Brienne TV 1 éve

    "Don't talk to strangers, don't talk to bois" haha

  • Natasha Garcia

    Coz me is lazy and me is tired. SAME OLD SAME OLD HAHA

  • Patricia Lunas

    Ive tried travelling alone when I was 17 and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who got scared of the immigration! LOL

  • Shelly Viajera Travel

    Hi there Lorin. I enjoyed this vlog. I feel you on getting scared to traveling alone, especially at your age. Btw, I’m a solo female traveler but I started late in my 20s. So just letting you know you’re lucky to have a mom who gives you the freedom to travel solo and do things on your own. You’ll learn a lot from it. Take care and all the best :)

  • r e n c y
    r e n c y 1 éve

    Take care of yourself, Lorin. It’s one of my dreams to travel the world. And you’re already travelling the world at a young age. Hope you enjoy it!! And I’m gonna enjoy it too by watching all your videos! Can’t wait for you to upload a new one. Mwaaah! ❤️✨

  • Hanna
    Hanna 1 éve

    I hope your style of vlogging doesn't change big time, I like your raw style edit! very real and soothing. :) and you watch the bachelor? might as well try love island :)

  • Charie Fuentes

    Your mom is so cool, 😂 I'm gonna be cool with blair my 3 year old daughter 😘 kisses

  • Amanda williams

    Good lack dear lorin❤❤ wish you all the best...

  • Maricel Nilsen
    Maricel Nilsen 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I have a rosary and thats very important -Lorri

  • nicola allen
    nicola allen 1 éve

    i love being inspired by my independent girlie

  • Christy Lofranco

    Mom: Where are u going

  • Codey G
    Codey G 1 éve

    Wow, you can afford a business class but uou opt for economy. You go girl!

  • Sandra James
    Sandra James 1 éve

    Aww 😍Mommy Ruffa must be proud of her daughter 👍👍 I wish you all the best and good luck.......take care and enjoy LA.

  • mich is always hungry

    Her: I have my rosary, 'cause it's very important.