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  • 2012. jan. 26.

  • Genesis - Live At Wembley Stadium (1987) (Dvd Full) Tracklist (Lista De Canciones) : 01. Mama 02. Abacab 03. Domino: - Intro "The Domino Principle In Action" - Part One: "In The Glow Of The Night" - Part Two: "The Last Domino" 04. That's All 05. Brazilian 06. Land Of Confusion 07. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 08. Throwing It All Away 09. Home By The Sea: - Part One: "Home By The Sea" - Part Two: "Second Home By The Sea" 10. Invisible Touch 11. Drum Duet (Chester Thompson And Phil Collins) 12. Los Endos 13. Turn It On Again


  • Reginaldo Lage Lage

    Genesis é top d+

  • Denise Maria
    Denise Maria 6 hónapja

    Ele é insuperável! Amo de paixão!!!!! Um artista completo!!!!

  • Kin Ski
    Kin Ski 6 hónapja

    This is why I pay for internet.

  • Marco Tagliafico

    Genesis, playng the best medleys around them big pieces #1

  • astrolabe dix
    astrolabe dix 2 napja

    Heureux ceux qui sont nés au 20ème siècle, le 21ème est le fossoyeur de tous les grands groupes musicaux.

  • Goldie Tom Gaura Kemper

    PHIL is one of the greatest entertainers of the last century

  • Jon Parker
    Jon Parker 1 éve

    As a voice teacher, I'm in awe at Phil's vocals.. beautiful, powerful, reedy tone and man, pitch so dead on perfect.. autotune? HELL NO it didn't exist. F'n A- Phil C. Bravo.

  • john way
    john way 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    01. Mama

  • Steve Ruffhead

    This is weird watching a gig with no one holding a cell phone in the air and people actually watching the show

  • Ricardo Almeida
    Ricardo Almeida 7 hónapja

    Sou muito fan do genesis..!!! Que show maravilhoso ..!!!

  • Феликс Лихолай

    Люблю эту группу,люблю этот концерт и то время когда мы были молодые.

  • Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle 3 hónapja

    It's just so incredibly refreshing to see a hundred thousand people just chilling and watching the band and listening _ dancing to the music. No bulshit distractions of their stupid phones or their friends texting them or whatever, or trying to record this shit. And not paying any attention to what's going on up there

  • L. Balbuena
    L. Balbuena 3 hete

    Gran Banda!!!Gran Concierto!!!Quedara grabado para la posteridad!!! FANTÁSTICO!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  • Monteiro Carlos
    Monteiro Carlos 4 hónapja

    Apenas, mas muito bom, "Los Endos"

  • diamondlod
    diamondlod 4 éve

    I had the great luck as a teenager to see their concert in Wembley live back in 1987, and it may be hard to see at times in this video, but not only was the place packed, everyone was cheering/singing their hearts out during the entire concert. I think the days of concerts this big for a single music group may be over, but it was incredible to be there. Thanks for posting it.

  • Mike Nichols
    Mike Nichols 1 éve

    Absolute awesome band one of my favorites great music people just don’t appreciate this anymore the good ole days I was a drug Enforcement law enforcement officer from 80 till 1994 always listen to phill 👍

  • juan pablo cama fernandez

    Especular, es uno de los mas memorables concierto de Genesis.

  • Bobby Karros
    Bobby Karros 1 éve

    Genesis and Phil are the epitome of excellence , their live performance sounds like studio, that’s how much integrity and giftedness they possessed!!!!

  • Steve Kutra
    Steve Kutra 6 éve

    This was one, bad ass concert. I love Phil Collins and Genesis. Thank you whoever you are for sharing this for all of us!!!

  • MrDugfresh420
    MrDugfresh420 6 éve

    That "Home By the Sea" was epic. (