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  • 2018. máj. 10.

  • Hi my amazing friends i hope all of you are well today. With this DIY tool you can carry doors - plywood and much more .. The advantage of this tool is that you can walk almost everywhere grass - asphalt-up - down. so this tool will save your back and you will not be as tired.. NEW Genius !! IDEA for CARS TOP 16 AWESOME DIY IDEAS and INVENTIONS!!! WOW !!! 4 AWESOME HOMEMEDE INVENTIONS Know More Subscribe here: Check my Other videos :


  • GeneralChangOfDanang

    "Hunnie, the neighbor's walking his plywood again..."

  • Baldheadedchimp I guess my understanding of the word “genius” differs to this bloke?

  • Vigil Ante
    Vigil Ante 2 éve

    That's great! Now you can take your plywood for a walk. Mine loves to go flying on windy days.

  • kings17court
    kings17court 2 éve

    Acquire welding and grinding skills, and you open up a world of custom possibilities. Very practical skills to have.

  • ramdodgetruck
    ramdodgetruck 2 éve

    Made my first one 30 years ago. From hardwood with carpeting inside to protect the doors I was hanging in a high-rise hotel. Lost track of how many but had it down to a science. Still have it.

  • the Lying Scotsman

    Used one for years to shift shop windows around ,well made but hardly an invention.

  • James F
    James F 2 éve

    The whole time I was like wtf is that gonna be used for then as soon as I saw the wood panel I was like holy hell thats gonna be super useful

  • Symon Sheppard

    They had one of these in when I was at college over thirty years ago.

  • David Payne
    David Payne 6 hónapja

    Pretty cool it's ingenuity like this that makes me wanna grab the toolbox

  • Mark W
    Mark W 1 éve

    I love it!

  • Paw Paw’s WorkShop

    Great idea. I made one from wood with lawn mower wheels and random parts from my shop. It works great

  • ryan ratterree
    ryan ratterree 5 hónapja

    Could definitely use a heavier duty version of this. Will have to try it when I get my welder

  • Koaasst
    Koaasst 10 hónapja

    good to see people still making stuff. we need more of the world to make stuff, and not just be mindless consumers. have a great day yall!

  • Per Erik Bergqvist

    Have the wheels and gone make me one of those! Question, where can I find that pencil you used, live in Spain and haven't found that sort anywhere! Saw one years ago and missed to question the guy where he got it from!

  • Keith Good
    Keith Good 2 éve

    For those nice days you feel like talking your plywood for a walk!! LOL!

  • woodbutcher505

    Needed a larger axle, with no so much play between it and the bearing.

  • António Lopes

    Congratulations. I'm not sure I need one of these but it shows how an implement is done so everybody can adapt this project to one' s needs. Post more videos, please. Greetings from Portugal.

  • Reg Sparkes
    Reg Sparkes 2 éve

    Now, why didn't I think of this? Great idea and really helpful too.

  • Beemerboy324
    Beemerboy324 2 éve

    I made mine 36" long and put a small swivel caster at the back end. Works great.

  • lilorbie lilorbie