Hang Men - "The Climb" Letöltés

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  • 2014. márc. 17.

  • Full Episode.


  • Mark
    Mark 2 éve

    40 Watt seems like the only normal person there, the rest look like over dramatic actors.

  • ChrisNVegas
    ChrisNVegas 2 éve

    The tower isn't dangerous.

  • Frank Quitely
    Frank Quitely 3 éve

    I could do without the drama king announcer.

  • Dillon Miller
    Dillon Miller 3 éve

    As a tower climber this is ridiculous.

  • D Bec
    D Bec 4 éve

    very amateur and over dramatic

  • mauricio alvarez

    Ok I cant believe what I just saw. First of all you are suppose to work smart not hard. Where is the Cathead? Why wasn't the dish built on the bottom. Why did they have a 35 lb. block? 250 ft climb only takes 15 min. First episode and they drop a mas pipe!!! Sorry everyone who is watching this program for the first time but we don't work like this at all and don't complain. So much more work involved. Whoop Whoop!  to the real dogs out there.

  • Kevin Noble
    Kevin Noble 4 éve

    I couldn't even watch this whole video. What a joke.

  • sand man
    sand man 2 éve

    “Just got a loose connection up here I’m gonna put some tape on it and it’ll be alright” words of the foreman sounds legit

  • countsmyth
    countsmyth 1 éve

    The girl was bragging. Five mins into the climb "i'm scared" on the way down "I'm tired" haha.

  • Jacob Rezac
    Jacob Rezac 1 éve

    How does Discovery always manage to find the most unprofessional and incompetent groups of people for their shows?

  • T G
    T G 2 éve

    40 watts the only one who has ever climbed a tower to put food on the table lol. Everybody else is there for the last Hollywood

  • Charles Johnson

    so many issues here....as a climber this show is just a joke!!!

  • Eric Sullivan
    Eric Sullivan 1 éve

    I am glad this show didn't make it passed 1 episode. Boy they sure did a good job making all us real tower climbers look like morons.

  • Eddie Pizana
    Eddie Pizana 1 éve

    As a experienced tech, best part of this video is that in 2 day Naked and Afraid is coming on.

  • United States of Embarrassment

    leave it to television to make a show about tower workers reach jersey shore-levels of dumbness.

  • hmongster84
    hmongster84 1 éve

    The view of Jenny's rack is amazing. Keep up the good work.

  • Luk Vincent
    Luk Vincent 6 éve

    This show is full of amateurs!

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 1 éve

    He's been electrocuted so many times. Right, sounds like he knows exactly what he is doing xD

  • DerbsMcBergs
    DerbsMcBergs 1 éve

    "For 10 mins we are gonna talk about this gap they have to go through"

  • Dak Goff
    Dak Goff 1 éve

    You only think Diddy should be running the show because yall dating, so shut and be seen not heard