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  • 2017. dec. 10.

  • A glimpse inside the lives of the Royal Family. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like being Kate Middleton, Prince William, or Prince Harry, wonder no more. Prepare to be amazed at what the British royal family’s lives are really like, from what they eat for breakfast to how they relax in the evening. Meghan Markle should get ready to take notes, as we’re taking you inside the lives of British royalty. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the British royal family, and her daily routine is amazing. For a woman in her 90s, she sure does have an amazing work ethic, and an incredible amount of stamina. You’ll love discovering the quirky things that happen in her day-to-day life with her husband Prince Philip, like what cheeky treat she enjoys before she has breakfast. As we let you in on what really happens in a day in the life of royals, we also show you how two of the Queen’s granddaughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice spend their time. They both have full-time jobs but also make time to support their grandmother. Eugenie even does plenty of regular things, like standing in line for her lunch and getting her own groceries at the supermarket. If you want to know where Harry and Meghan will live, or what family life is like for Wills, Kate, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, then watch out video full of royal family secrets. We reveal what George and Charlotte love doing, and what Wills and Kate get up to once the kids are in bed! Watch our video to go inside the lives of British royalty, and tell us in comments which member of the royal family is your favorite. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:


  • Maria Moya
    Maria Moya 2 éve

    Kate and Diana are my favs in the royal family

  • Phil Binstead
    Phil Binstead 2 éve

    Kate Middleton is the best thing to happen the the Royal Family in many years, with her wonderful smile, sense of style, I think she and William will make a great modern King and Queen in the years to come.

  • Ruby Ayaz
    Ruby Ayaz 2 éve

    I love kate Madilleton. She is very beautiful and graceful.

  • guest guest
    guest guest 2 éve

    Princess Diana was, and still is my favorite.

  • Debbie Green
    Debbie Green 2 éve

    Did anyone else notice at the

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  • Teresa Harmon
    Teresa Harmon 2 éve

    Kate and William, are my to favorite. The Queen is in the line as well.

  • Toni Turcotte
    Toni Turcotte 2 éve

    I think I actually admire the queen more for having cookies at the start of the day. She knows how to enjoy every moment. ☺

  • Sandra Adkins
    Sandra Adkins 2 éve

    Harry has always been my fav.he us so kind and loving to all

  • Maria A.
    Maria A. 2 éve

    "Not so different from us" lmbo!! Really narrator?😅😂🤣

  • Vicky Hayes
    Vicky Hayes 2 éve

    Princess Diana would be proud. Have enjoyed watching Prince William and Prince Harry grow up to be fine gentlemen. God Bless them all.

  • Mattie Lata
    Mattie Lata 2 éve

    Wills and Kate 😁they shine - when the Queen decides - I think Wills and Kate will truly be the best pick to carry on the Royal family's heritage and example - Wills has been tutored well by his grandparents and Kate truely shows the greatest respect to that - be blessed Wills and Kate!!!

  • do bunny
    do bunny 2 éve

    Can you do poor lives of college students

  • Janie Melgoza
    Janie Melgoza 2 éve

    Kate Middleton is my favorite, she is stunning in every way.

  • LazarkGaming
    LazarkGaming 2 éve

    When you said she loves gin and coronation street, I was like, ok enough with making up stuff.

  • Doris Thomson
    Doris Thomson 2 éve

    The Queen has always been my fav. I was 6 yrs old when she was crowned and I have followed her life as closely as I could ever since.

  • angie freyne
    angie freyne 2 éve (szerkesztve)

    I allways like Prince Harry he Is down to earth YOUNG man all the time and he took a lot of work what is mum did and he going it she be very proud of you harry and William he did it as well ànd both of you should be very proud of yourselfs as well ❤❤ these two are a love story if there do the things what there get told to do and it will be a love story for years two come for them and a couple of ginger baby's may be i got one boy who as one ginger hair the another two boys have dark hair how funnny is that ❤❤

  • Cameron Miller

    Love how y’all just didn’t mention the heir to the throne 😂 poor Charles

  • Anuradha Mathur

    Can you do inside the lives of teenagers😥😥😥😥oh god teen is worst age ever

  • SvitLana B
    SvitLana B 2 éve

    Kate ,HRH Duchess of Cambridge is my favorite member of the Royal Family