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  • 2019. jan. 23.

  • Mentoring: Get FREE access to my 'Creating the Perfect Investment Banking CV/Résumé' in-depth course here: Get FREE access to my ‘Investment Banking Divisions Explained’ in-depth course here: Instagram: LinkedIn: About me: My career consulting company: Recommended Reading: Financial markets and the roles within easily explained: When Genius Failed:, The Intelligent Investor: The Big Short: Barbarians at the Gate: The Wolf of Wall Street: Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World: Business enquiries: TIMESTAMPS 01:16 Important note 02:51 Total compensation explained 04:15 Currency conversions – UK and US 05:18 The figures for 18 bulge bracket investment banks 07:32 A few things to keep in mind 07:50 Relative example Other videos you might like: How to Get an Internship at Goldman Sachs: Front Office vs Back Office in Investment Banking: Day in the Life of a Goldman Sachs Analyst: What I Learnt From Working at Goldman Sachs: 10 Top Tips for Writing a Powerful CV: These 3 Things Will Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out: How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question: What to Wear to a Goldman Sachs or Investment Banking Interviews: 10 Reasons University Ranking Doesn’t Matter for Investment Banking: 15 Ways to Network Like a Pro: Top Universities for Investment Banking – 5 Reasons: What is a Spring (Insight) Week?: 10 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well: Assessment Centres Explained: Acing Your Assessment Centres: PLEASE LEAVE VIDEO SUGGESTIONS/IDEAS AND QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. I like sharing practical, helpful and easy to understand advice on how to get the career of your dreams whether you're a student, graduate or experienced professional. Careers can be tricky. I want to change that. Make sure to hit the subscribe button to watch new videos every Wednesday! My personal website: My career consulting website: Follow me on social media: Instagram: LinkedIn: - please hit ‘follow’ as I’ve used all 30k connections! Twitter: Intro music: Investment Banking Salary - Analysts | #InvestmentBanking #Students #GoldmanSachs


  • Augustine Jesmer

    *5 minutes and 22 seconds into the video

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    Video starts at

  • MegaMsc123
    MegaMsc123 1 éve

    Lol pay per hr is awful. Work 80 hr weeks to get a 45-50k starting salary lmao

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  • Elton Gomes
    Elton Gomes 1 éve

    video suggestion: IB analyst vs associate (JD, salary, hours etc)

  • saad ghafoor
    saad ghafoor 1 éve

    Did u find it difficult to balance your social life and work life when you worked at Goldman’s?

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar 1 éve

    Hi Afzal, big fan here. I've been thinking of going into investment banking for a while now but I've been told, by people I know in the industry, that investment banking might not be as lucrative an industry, say, 10 years from now. What's your opinion on this man? I'd really appreciate it.

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    I made 83k bartending after tax 🤦‍♀️

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    this vid coulda been 3 mins long but thanks anyway

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    tonka business 9 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Thanks for the info, it really helps to be apparent and put figures on these things for motivation and better decision making when deciding where to go next, I worked for Investec for a while I enjoyed it but needed to move to another investment bank. I wish I had your videos back then.

  • Josefina Fishta

    Can you do a video where you explain the different levels of investment banking with salaries,years of experience and work hours?Love your content😁

  • naveen reddy
    naveen reddy 1 éve

    Hello , make a vedio on the technical skills required to be a analyst at these investment banks

  • Akash Jose
    Akash Jose 5 hónapja

    Is there any scope for cwm (chartered wealth manager) usa certification job in investment banking career? ?

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    We still waiting on that bonuses video and video Afzal!!! And video on compensation within different divisions in middle and back office!!

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    Thanks for the video. It does a good reference for those in this industry or those thinking to work in this industry.

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    Please do a Bonuses vid and a vid re VPS, MDs etc. !!! Big fan, thanks for these videos.

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    Sir tell us something about back office and their package

  • Homeslice
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    Instead of a 10min video purely on base discussion, I think you could’ve discussed overall compensation and work benefits in that time.

  • Vincent Mirolli

    great video pal. Really appreciate it!