Iona Takes on "Park Golf" in Japan! | Inside The Game | Golfing World Letöltés

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  • 2019. dec. 13.

  • Iona Stephen travels to Japan to try her hand at "park golf" and see how the game is helping the local community. Subscribe to Golfing World for more:


  • SixNineActual
    SixNineActual 10 hónapja

    seems like a pretty good way to start young kids in golf, wouldnt mind something like this with my 5 year old daughter, bet she would have a blast! Also, this looks more fun than mini golf.

  • Alban DB
    Alban DB 10 hónapja

    How amazing ???!

  • MidLifeBiker
    MidLifeBiker 10 hónapja

    Golf/croquet, social and fun for the oldies..

  • 못뜬연예인
    못뜬연예인 3 hónapja

    좋은 영상 이군요~!!😀😀

  • krusher74
    krusher74 4 hete

    if there not careful someone my just invent crazy golf!

  • Peter Cavellini
    Peter Cavellini 10 hónapja

    Looks like a lot of fun, won’t demoralise beginners.

  • Agent kennedy
    Agent kennedy 9 hónapja

    Mini golf and croquet

  • Matt Roberson
    Matt Roberson 1 hónapja

    if i had one of these at a park nearby, i'd probably be there 2-3 times a week - alone or with my kids. i REALLY want this to get going in America

  • Peter Cavellini
    Peter Cavellini 10 hónapja

    I do think though that, if your as good as the gentleman seen playing here, you’d be looking for more of a challenge, holes in one even, I guess there’ll be more courses like this?, maybe even competitions ?, certainly when your getting older you could still play in competition playing this form of Golf.