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  • 2009. okt. 3.

  • Watch the official music video for All I Have by Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J Listen to Jennifer Lopez: Subscribe to the official Jennifer Lopez YouTube channel: Watch more Jennifer Lopez videos: Follow Jennifer Lopez: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: YouTube: Spotify: Lyrics: Love is life and life is livin' It's very special All my love... Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... (Baby, don't go) (Baby, don't go) Yeah (Baby, don't go, uh) It's such a shame, but I'm leavin' Can't take the way you mistreated me And it's crazy, but oh, baby It don't matter, whatever, don't phase me I don't believe you wanna leave like this I don't believe I just had my last real kiss I do believe we'll laugh and reminisce Wait a minute, don't bounce, baby, let's talk about this, man Well, I'm bouncin' and I'm out, son I gotta leave you alone 'Cause I'm good holdin' down my spot And I'm good reppin' the girls on the block And I'm good, I got this thing on lock So without me you'll be fine, right All my pride is all I have (Pride is what you had, baby girl, I'm what you have) You'll be needin' me, but too bad (Be easy, don't make decisions when you mad) The path you chose to run alone (I know you're independent, you can make it on your own) Here with me you had a home, oh, yeah (But time is of the essence, why spend it alone, huh) The nights I waited up for you (Oh, boy) Promises you made about comin' through So much time you wasted That's why I had to replace you #JenniferLopez #AllIHave #OfficialMusicVideo


  • Diego Hernandez
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    Who in 2020 ?, great song

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    Tiktok's kids can't find us here.

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    Who's ere for September 2020? Let see all the independent ladies 👍🏾 up...

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    Who's still watching August 2020? 😊

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    I was leaving an 8 year toxic relationship and played this song in the car as I was leaving and have never looked bk 🙌🏾

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    Us 80s and 90s babies literally had the best time growing up!!! Best of everything!

  • Miriam M'Layah
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    Back when the 12 years old me was pretending leaving her nonexistent boyfriend while singing this song...

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    This wasn't recommended I searched for it. Click like if you listening to this in 2020

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    Love is life, and life is living

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    Who here in July 2020 jamming with me?

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    This song was a hit during my high school days. Who are watching this May 2020 quarantine days?

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    2009 al 2020 esta igual no a cambiado nada...los años no pasan por ella...

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    This song, I used to listen during my high school days. Who is still watching August 2020

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    She gave him his freedom for Christmas, did anyone notice that!!?

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    My go to music when I had a breakup as a kid 😂

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    Jamas olvidare está hermosa cancion de yenny 🤔😍😉

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    🇧🇷 Emocionante, bela canção.

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