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  • 2019. jún. 6.

  • Kitten ft. Lil Wayne (Official Audio) Get Song Here: https://KashDoll.lnk.to/kittenyd Connect with Kash Doll: https://twitter.com/kashdoll https://www.instagram.com/kashdoll https://www.facebook.com/KashDoll


  • Official Aushaun

    When she blinked I was shook a bit💀

    TROYCETV 1 éve

    Okay okay she put her all on this record cuz she knew Wayne was gonna bless it

  • Tay Green
    Tay Green 1 éve

    You can tell Kash been in the lab with new people this sound is totally different ☺️

  • Jackie G
    Jackie G 1 éve

    Wayne spazed. I like the softer side of Kash voice 🔥🔥🔥

  • Blessed Me
    Blessed Me 1 éve

    I can totally hear this on “Insecure“, season four. 👁 See the transitional scene and all.💯.💅🏽

  • Temoni Martin
    Temoni Martin 1 éve

    I thought I was trippin when I seen her eye open &close! I had to double take 😂🤔

  • word to shaggy it wasnt me

    I need a kash doll nicki Megan and Trina ladies night

  • QuiZee
    QuiZee 1 éve

    Love me some Wayne and Kash Doll, can’t wait to see her flourish. Detroit, stand up!!

  • Darron Steele
    Darron Steele 1 éve

    Who click wen u seen Wayne name 🙋🏿‍♂️

  • Tnizian
    Tnizian 1 éve

    Did anyone else have a permanent stank face when Wayne was spitting then when he said MULA mid verse bobbed their head continuously?🔥🐐

  • Samson Jones
    Samson Jones 1 éve

    This is definitely a new sound for Kash Doll and I like it.

  • Mc Mars Beats DF

    lil wayyyyyyyyyne.....damn you snapped bro

  • Both Worlds
    Both Worlds 1 éve

    I’m high af and when she blinked I thought I was tripping 🤣

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    It’s 2019 and Lil Wayne still The Best Rapper Alive. Thank God

  • NoFakeTv !
    NoFakeTv ! 1 éve

    Kash doll is a own lane winner 👑

  • Kay A
    Kay A 1 éve

    Wayne killed that verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • RatedX QueenXX

    Kash doll and lil Wayne 💙💜💚 she coming up yess for Detroit

  • Kali Kash TV
    Kali Kash TV 1 éve

    Kash snapped, Wayne snapped 🔥

  • William Mathies

    Wayne is deff a workaholic 🥵🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥

  • AyyLmao
    AyyLmao 1 éve

    Weezy fans where you at???? Wayne snapped on this! GOAT