KSI – Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Official Music Video] Letöltés

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  • 2020. ápr. 24.

  • Listen to “Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) )”: https://ksi.ffm.to/houdini.oyd Check Out KSI’s Debut Album “Dissimulation”: https://ksi.ffm.to/dissimulation.opr Follow KSI on all platforms: https://linktr.ee/ksi Check Out The New “Dissimulation” Merch: https://ksi.supply/ #KSI #Houdini #Swarmz #TionWayne #Grime #UKRap #UKHipHop


  • Nuutti
    Nuutti 5 hónapja

    Not many people know this but the song title was inspired by Ethans Dad

  • ufloppednowkid
    ufloppednowkid 2 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    This guy is posting world class music and still doesnt have windows activated that's just sad😂

  • DanielRant Irantalot

    BRUH this was made by a youtuber? Sounds to good for youtuber, jesus BRO.

  • S-X
    S-X 2 hete

    If you are here after listening to loose you are a legend

  • dblstuff What
    dblstuff What 2 hónapja

    Babatunde after giving his whole village water after finding out the ocean was all around 😂

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)


  • Yng Lock
    Yng Lock 2 hete (szerkesztve)

    POV: you came back here to listen at this banger again

  • TedE10
    TedE10 1 hónapja

    I know this won’t be my last time coming back here.

  • iamshanlea
    iamshanlea 1 hónapja

    This song was just playing in my local Sports Direct. You've made it

  • gracewas Bored
    gracewas Bored 2 hónapja

    Anyone who got taken here after premiere of KILLA KILLA

  • JustVurb
    JustVurb 5 hónapja

    dude just keeps leveling up every song

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 hete

    Dis guy says he’s dead at accents but listen to this and loose 💀

  • Thegreatyt 101
    Thegreatyt 101 1 hónapja

    This is actually his best song 🤔

  • Calum Gorman
    Calum Gorman 1 hónapja

    Honestly kinda wish ksi did all the verses his flow was so fun in this song

  • Idk To be honest
    Idk To be honest 2 hónapja

    5% girls

  • Ascari Lotus7
    Ascari Lotus7 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    This works, and it works because KSI finally discovered he’s a British rapper and not an American one

  • Yousif Hzaim
    Yousif Hzaim 2 hete

    does this song give anyone lockdown vibes? this song was legit the only song i listened to in lockdown 😎

  • Flack
    Flack 1 hónapja

    JJ: Youtuber

  • Ivo Barata
    Ivo Barata 1 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    For the people that are too lazy to check on google:

  • Dustin James
    Dustin James 2 hónapja

    Im sorry but “big ting make me wanna bust when i beat “ wtf this is why youll never get top charts and i know haters are gonna get mad but ricegum music is better. Bye haters also i love jake paul. Also this whole comment is a joke