Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 - from Frankfurt to very windy Tehran Letöltés

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  • 2015. jún. 20.

  • Lufthansa Flight LH 600 Airbus A340-600 D-AIHP / June 7 2014 Great Lufthansa flight LH 600 taking us from Frankfurt to Tehran / Iran in 4 hours and 40 minutes. Standard routing via Hungary, Romania, Turkey and then straight towards Iran, nice sunset captured along the routing and a very windy final approach to Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran.


  • Mah584jr HD Aviation

    Excellent takeoff!  I really enjoy the A340-600!

  • zerberus500
    zerberus500 5 éve

    very loooooooooooong takeoff roll, like the A346!!

  • Farshad Rozati

    Next time you go record the taxi from the gate to the runway as well as taxiing to the gate

  • JoanelTreneroobcn

    Amazing ROAR sound!!

  • barpaza
    barpaza 5 éve

    love it! thank you!!!!!!

  • Miika Mäki
    Miika Mäki 5 éve

    Love this series so much :)) Looks like a beautiful swan :D

  • JustFly
    JustFly 5 éve

    Awesome footage and nice engine sound !!

  • jjouney
    jjouney 5 éve

    Excellant, thanks for sharing! It looks like she's climbing slow

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD 5 éve

    Lovely video mate!

  • Peter Donato Roan Heitmann

    Excelent trip very beautiful

  • scara monga
    scara monga 5 éve

    Thought you were gonna run out of runway there, lol!  Nice vid, thx!

  • M D
    M D 2 éve

    Do they serve alcohol flying to/ from Iran?

  • Aviation TV Global

    Love this! Great video. I go to Iran every year and last year I went with Lufthansa, I think it was LH600 but it was a 747-400, does that mean that they don't operate the a340 any more, because in 2013 I went with Lufthansa as well but, it was a A340-300. Or do they just operate two flights from Frankfurt?

  • น้อง น้อย

    Are you still using the Sony hx400v

  • beeeneee
    beeeneee 5 éve

    Which row is that? And is it an A340 with F to Tehran?

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 5 éve

    Die Lufti fliegt die A 340-600 nach Teheran, da dieses Muster die performence für den hochgelegen Platz hat. Die 747-400 war es früher und es bleibt jetzt kein anderes Muster mehr übrig. Die -300 hat nicht die Steigleistung und die A 330-300 kommt auch nicht in Frage. Was bleibt dann noch ? Die 747-8i wird nach Nordamerika + Indien gebraucht.

  • Ayanast Bayanast

    So boring!

  • Just A Liebhaber der Romantik

    who the f*** have to go to Teheran...