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  • 2012. aug. 24.

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is the product of our imaginations and believe me, at this point they are quite vivid" Paul The Beatles' Classic 1967 Feature Film Restored For Worldwide DVD and Blu-Ray Release on October 8th In September 1967, The Beatles loaded a film crew onto a bus along with friends, family and cast and headed west on the A30 out of London to make their third film, this time conceived and directed by The Beatles themselves. "Paul said 'Look I've got this idea' and we said 'great!' and all he had was this circle and a little dot on the top - that's where we started," Ringo In the wake of the extraordinary impact of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album and the One World satellite broadcast of All You Need Is Love, The Beatles devised, wrote and directed their third film, Magical Mystery Tour, a dreamlike story of a coach day trip to the seaside. The film features a fabulous supporting cast of character actors and performers, (including Ivor Cutler, Victor Spinetti, Jessie Robins, Nat Jackley, Derek Royle, and the inimitable Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band). Apple Films have fully restored the long out-of-print, classic feature film for October 8th release worldwide (October 9th in North America) on DVD and Blu-ray with a remixed soundtrack (5.1 and stereo) and special features. A special, boxed deluxe edition will also be available, and, for the first time ever, there will be a limited theatrical release from September 27th. This new release also feature three new edits of some of the song performances, as well as scenes that were cut out of the original film. You can pre-order your copy today from:
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  • BlankFacedUser

    The Marijuana Mystery Tour.

  • Paul Wilde
    Paul Wilde 4 éve

    In film terms, The Beatles were Monty Python before Monty Python existed. And Monty Python themselves say it's as if the spirit of The Beatles passed to them.

  • Derp Kang
    Derp Kang 3 éve

    only the beatles can turn a circle into a movie

  • Urban Beasts
    Urban Beasts 2 éve

    These guys have some potential, they sound really retro, they could get a record deal someday. Guitar music is going out of style though

  • SgtStevePH
    SgtStevePH 1 éve

    This is a film of absurdity, and it's amazing how The Beatles are able to pull if off out of a circle 😂

  • Purity Jane Tork
    Purity Jane Tork 9 hónapja

    "It's a mystery to me da da da da"

  • ElBatuko
    ElBatuko 4 éve

    They sure were pretty high!!!

  • Grachtnakk
    Grachtnakk 2 éve

    "A song"

  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred 2 éve

    Are you saying to me that Michael Jackson's abusive father and accomplice brothers hold the rights to this awesome art? Screw this world, man.... Enough....

  • MrThermostatic
    MrThermostatic 7 hónapja

    For years, I would read that great comic book that came with the album and wished I could see the movie for real. When I finally saw it, I realized it worked much better as a comic book. LOL

  • lupe :3
    lupe :3 6 hónapja

    -whats the film gonna be about

  • Nick Green
    Nick Green 2 éve

    The greatest band in the history of music, blew Elvis out of the Elvis out of the water

  • mayuri mitchell

    Another very good album by The Beatles!

  • MoodyDude
    MoodyDude 3 éve


    ARIZJOE 7 éve

    The documentary which aired on PBS in the states last year was really good, because few Americans actually had seen "Magical Mystery Tour," and others thought it was a just song or an album. Long ago I had seen a film print that was blown up from video. It was terrible. To those who have never seen it, this DVD is quite a piece of '60s memorabilia worth watching. The commentary by Paul, Ringo, George on film, and others is insightful. A better edit would have made a classic. I loved it.

  • Chavezoid
    Chavezoid 7 hónapja

    Wait, is this wacky comedy what inspired Monty Python's Fñyong Circus???

  • Mister EIE
    Mister EIE 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I'm as big a Beatles fan as there is, but this was not anything special.

  • Geraldine McKeown
    Geraldine McKeown 5 hónapja

    It’s Paul’s fault 😜 never give him a crayon and blank sheet of paper again

  • Kevin -
    Kevin - 2 éve

    "Please bring it back" When the music movie ruled

  • JordanLolss
    JordanLolss 8 éve

    Already pre-ordered the deluxe edition :D