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  • 2019. szept. 18.

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  • Kerr Tv
    Kerr Tv 1 éve

    Real Masicka fans drop a like IMAGE💥 gyol a ball fi topballer nuh skimage

  • web lee
    web lee 1 éve

    Glad fi have a artist ina dancehall weh wi can't lose offa... who agree

  • Star Light
    Star Light 1 éve

    Masicka puts in the work with the mindset to never be broke or unsuccessful ever again. Mi people follow dis trend here

  • Crying Diamonds Entertainment VEVO

    Gotta admit Masicka always has top class production on all of his songs he believes in quality over quantity I can tell u that 💯

  • kafele andrews

    Who rate masicka 99 percent like this👇

  • Shawn Clarke
    Shawn Clarke 1 éve

    Masicka very versatile who agree turn button blue 👌🏻

  • Bri
    Bri 1 éve

    No one:

  • Vybz Vybz
    Vybz Vybz 11 hónapja

    Better than Vybz Kartel😱😱

  • Dahlia & Cardel CDFL

    Masicka tek off bbc leader an put image tpc😮😮😮 a bet the blogger them nah guh see this🤔🐊💣💯☠

  • Orajahofficiallyrics D.Y.M.F

    Every time me listen to me genna him voice just sound betta n betta.. turn dis blue if true

  • kamoy hearne
    kamoy hearne 1 éve

    1syde fan push like🔥🚀💯🐊

  • RAS BARRIER Official

    I only support good music and if you're my colleague just show up.

  • Martin crocks
    Martin crocks 1 éve

    1syde boss tek him owna song from #1 n replace it with a next hit🐊🐊🐊💥💥💥

  • Joe Cole
    Joe Cole 1 éve

    Baddest bomboclaart artist from him tek over.. GenaSyde 🔥🔥🔥

  • Av_RaGe [Rhom]

    👀👀👀👀👀😳😳🤯🤯 d style wicked yf a weh u find this masicka

  • splendo music
    splendo music 1 éve

    Youth ya become a giant hope uno a see that bloodclat

  • Nathan Nelson
    Nathan Nelson 1 éve

    #1 trending me hear some people seh masicka not trending lol mah fi laugh 😂😂😂😂😂 it's all about the imagine

  • Kareem Jones
    Kareem Jones 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    None of these artist that making noise can't walk in masicka lane. masicka is different artist di man hold him own and know deep within that he's no walk over but don't need to hype for people to see and know that

  • Lee Genna
    Lee Genna 1 éve

    Masicka a d only man me see can walk near the Gazaman lyrically ✔✔✔✔

  • Jayar Miller
    Jayar Miller 1 éve

    Hits fi now and hits fi lata, mounta hits ina the data Genahsyde need a calculator 🔥🔥