Maxwell - Get to Know Ya Letöltés

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  • 2009. okt. 2.

  • Maxwell's official music video for 'Get To Know ya'. Click to listen to Maxwell on Spotify: As Featured on Now. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: More From Maxwell Matrimony: Maybe You: This Woman's Work: Pretty Wings: Follow Maxwell Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to Maxwell on YouTube: More great Classic R & B videos here: --------- Lyrics: Yo' name, tell me anything I gotta get to know ya Yo' way, the words you'd sya when you want I'll be here baby Longin' to know ya I know that you'll never see me I know that I'm not your style I know that You don't need me But you do you drive my dreams wild Lady I got to know ya


  • Ama Enyama
    Ama Enyama 4 éve

    Maxwell is in a league of his own...

  • a badawi
    a badawi 8 éve

    give me trumpets like that any time .. MAXXXXWELLLL.. thank you .

  • Quel La'Croix
    Quel La'Croix 9 éve


  • Demetre Ealom
    Demetre Ealom 3 éve

    he's incapable of making a bad song, all his music is fire 🔥

  • 13jamani
    13jamani 9 éve

    quick question to all do you like the old maxwell or the new 7 year returned maxwell

  • mrsamo17
    mrsamo17 9 éve

    kinda from Trinidad, I love this song. Muah to Maxwell

  • flavtothecity
    flavtothecity 8 éve

    Thumbs up if you came here beacause of the "payback" version..............

  • Michelle Talley

    Maxwell, he's just sexy from head to toe!!!

  • J M
    J M 9 éve

    love the horns in this song!

  • JuicingDailyTV

    @bluejuiseritsma You wouldn't be able to enjoy maxwell if the commercials weren't there, fool.

  • viqueen62169
    viqueen62169 5 éve

    Slick ass line Maxwell. "Others be trying to get into your trousers. I just trying to get to know you. Just trying to know you honestly. " LOL. You trying the same thing. You just coming from a more intellectual angle. A slick sophisticated angle. Love me some Maxwell.

  • kip Thoughts
    kip Thoughts 4 éve

    can't stop listening

  • The Artist
    The Artist 4 éve

    He is the male Sade.

  • Katarzyna Nowakowska

    still sounds so good

  • Michelle Boyd
    Michelle Boyd 5 éve

    This song is the reason my 12 year old exsits....

  • Katarzyna Nowakowska

    still sounds so good

  • Paula Brown
    Paula Brown 9 éve

    The rel soul man!

    LOLA MUSIC 5 éve

    one of thest songs written

  • benray4fun
    benray4fun 5 éve

    Sexy heartfelt track...

  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 5 éve

    Maxwell makes that grown folks it