Moneybox digging an 118g Nugget Letöltés

Küldje el barátainak
  • 2019. aug. 27.

  • We were on a bit of a lucky streak here. This nugget was a great finish to a fabulous day out. That's not to say we only dug gold but for a change the gold outweighed the junk.


  • Harry Houdini
    Harry Houdini 10 hónapja

    Great find Moneybox. now you just need to find its mum :) Cheers HH

  • nlo114
    nlo114 10 hónapja

    I would have fallen over, the same way as I would if I found a wad of £50 notes with no-one about for miles!

  • Janne Hökhålt
    Janne Hökhålt 10 hónapja

    Congrats to the big one. Awesome thanks for sharing this moment.

  • Nenad @ Phase Technical

    Nice work! Lovely piece of gold indeed. Love when the pin-pointers eventually start seeing something. Just flick your gpx to Cancel when you want to use the Xpointer. BTW I had the same shoes as you, were brilliant until I left them in the sun and they shrunk! I just replaced them with Merrell Chameleon 7, loving them so far.

  • Prospector Pete
    Prospector Pete 10 hónapja

    Well done Phil, fantastic nugget and great to see you and Sandra still out enjoying it mate, top stuff.

  • Famo59
    Famo59 10 hónapja

    Eureka Yeee Haaa.

  • Insolent Stickleback
    Insolent Stickleback 10 hónapja

    Wow!  She's a beaut!   You had a nice day congratulations : D

  • David Coltman
    David Coltman 10 hónapja

    #3 and we don't get to see the other 2 awwww. But that one sure is beautiful.


    Money box × minelab ÷ hard work = amazing video with a rippah! Subbed and waiting for another video 😁⛏

  • John McKinley
    John McKinley 9 hónapja

    Good of you to share your finds with us. You inspire me to keep at it. Subscribed.

  • dennis jamieson
    dennis jamieson 10 hónapja

    Awesome nugget. Nice job digging it out.

  • Miles Away
    Miles Away 9 hónapja

    Very cool man ima try and do that in california I stay close by the mother load

  • Brian James
    Brian James 10 hónapja

    Nice lump. Thanks for sharing.👍

  • nretasket
    nretasket 10 hónapja

    what aye dream!!!

  • Unco Bazz
    Unco Bazz 10 hónapja


  • Melvin Phillips
    Melvin Phillips 1 hónapja

    Wow, just doesn't sound good enough for that find or the other nugget .

  • William McCaslin
    William McCaslin 10 hónapja

    What a day you had, wow, .

  • Serbrest1
    Serbrest1 10 hónapja

    great car :)

  • Andrew Altschwager
    Andrew Altschwager 10 hónapja

    Well done Phil, nice chunk.

  • tazy T
    tazy T 10 hónapja

    Bloody lovely mate what a chunky arvo you had wel done luv ya work and enjoyed the vid immensely cheers