Ne-Yo - I'm In Love (LYRICS) Letöltés

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  • 2010. aug. 5.

  • Ne-yo Im in love with lyrics... :D please subscribe for more songs with lyrics :)


  • David Lai
    David Lai 2 hete

    My ex and I broke up around 2 years ago and this song just brings back memories because I was so in love with her, but I guess things happen for a reason.

  • Desiree Bright

    I played this song for my best friend while we was getting ready for her to get married

  • Popoy Joker
    Popoy Joker 7 hónapja

    Im talking to my girlfriend and soon to be Ex of my, but when i hear this song, ma' heart is breaking into pieces, 😢😢

  • Alexander Vasquez
    Alexander Vasquez 2 hónapja

    For anyone listening, this is a fantastic cover but a cover nevertheless. Lionel Ritchie actually is the original and you can hear the official one on Spotify and Apple Music

  • SkipperthePenguin
    SkipperthePenguin 11 hónapja

    im still mad that this is not on spotify

  • Marie Espinal
    Marie Espinal 3 éve

    shout out to myself😢 I love you! it's been a long 16 years but It's all been worth it❤

  • Cynthia Dean
    Cynthia Dean 6 éve


  • Levi Goldstine

    2016 This what kind of music the 18-30,Need in their Lives and little less pole dancing, killing somebody or cooking up dope songs. Positive Music Like This. Here -Peace Yall

  • Freddie Jackson

    I think I wanna make a cover to this.... should I?

  • Regina Cunningham

    La la la la I'm in love 😍😍

  • Taylor Gonzales

    I found a girl that makes me feel a way I never have before and I love her more then anything

  • clasel magsico Chu

    im in love with you russel chu .. From your wife chrissel chu..

  • Atika Ayu Derari
    Atika Ayu Derari 1 hónapja

    2020 , still love you and always pray for your happiness 🙂 , F.

  • Kim Dangcal
    Kim Dangcal 1 hónapja

    You got me singing la la la la laaaaaa im in love with my woman now , thank you for letting me go. ☺️

  • Jaypee Rozal
    Jaypee Rozal 4 éve

    soft RNBs where are you now?? :(

  • Aisha
    Aisha 3 éve

    IDK why I'm stuck here. I've been playing this for days now. I just love this.

  • Nidera Ballard

    Im in love with my girl nothing on earth can explain how much this girl make me happy even though we only been together for almost two months now but it feel like I been with her forever she my soul mate my life my everything I couldn't ask for nothing better I love u taryn

  • Eveshimpea's
    Eveshimpea's 6 éve

    My Boyfriend dedicated this song for me ...oh my am inlove 3

  • Tonia Onas
    Tonia Onas 3 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    My ex sent me this, I wish you well and happy for you take care 🙏🏾

  • Du
    Du 3 hete

    Nice! Thank you for this wonderful song.. I am happy for you...I'll think this the time to put in my other side of my heart.. goodnight.. wish you the best.