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  • 2012. dec. 26.

  • Off The Wall - MICHAEL JACKSON '1979 Album ''Off The Wall'' 1979


  • Garfellow
    Garfellow 4 éve

    E N J O Y Y O U R S E L F

  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed 8 hónapja

    This song is 40 years old and still slaps

  • Joey Rivera
    Joey Rivera 1 éve

    Off the Wall sounds so smooth. Mike at his best. Greatest talent ever.

  • Kenneth Ostrer
    Kenneth Ostrer 3 hónapja

    It sounds as fresh today as it did 40 years ago. Hundreds of artists owe their career to this genius

  • Margot Cespedes
    Margot Cespedes 11 hónapja

    1979: off the wall

  • francescop1
    francescop1 1 éve

    jesus christ this is so well produced and amazing. I imagine people losing their minds to this in 1979.

  • Gabriel Bellomo
    Gabriel Bellomo 6 hónapja

    This was recorded in 1979, and still has better mic than me

  • Kristen Debert
    Kristen Debert 11 hónapja

    I'm so glad that Michael Jackson is still alive in his music today!

  • dzulkafley samad
    dzulkafley samad 8 hónapja

    People can't come up with this kind of dance music anymore.

  • A D
    A D 1 hónapja


  • ccth22
    ccth22 1 hónapja

    The epitome of a timeless classic.

  • Brian Burks
    Brian Burks 6 hónapja

    He created the last "disco" era album in 1979 and completely OWNED the 80s

  • Kweku Jobs
    Kweku Jobs 3 hónapja


  • Mustafa Jackson
    Mustafa Jackson 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    OFF THE WALL sounds as fresh in 2019 as it did in when I first heard it in 1979.

  • nikolas dziabek
    nikolas dziabek 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I just lost my cat and became very sad. After listening to this song I feel so much better. Thank you Michael for making me feel better and for making this amazing music!

  • John Striker
    John Striker 2 hónapja

    Do you ever read a comment and think... "ah, i wish i commented that" xD

  • Vieux Bal
    Vieux Bal 2 hónapja

    For those who know Michael Jackson "Off The Wall" is his very best album.

  • B. Mills J
    B. Mills J 1 éve

    My favorite Michael Jackson song!

  • IronyWhale
    IronyWhale 4 éve

    Could you imagine how happy Michael Jackson would be to see the comment section?

  • Maverick
    Maverick 1 éve