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  • 2018. júl. 11.

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  • Oliver Tree
    Oliver Tree 2 hónapja


  • Donut Operator

    What a stud

  • Sam Hayzen
    Sam Hayzen 2 éve

    I know 90% of this is a meme but it somehow gave me some feels.

  • GioFilms
    GioFilms 2 éve

    How do I get a sick bowl cut like that oliver?

  • Electrostep Network

    Oliver Tree is the GOAT

  • Zalinki
    Zalinki 2 éve

    All grown up :,)

  • jerome fjeld
    jerome fjeld 2 éve

    The only thing I haven’t seen him bathe in is actual water

  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee 2 éve

    I wish this dude had a series of movies

  • South Florida Fishing Channel

    now I need a pocket bike and a money gun

  • little qb
    little qb 2 éve

    They say money don't grow on trees

  • JedDraws
    JedDraws 2 éve

    oliver is a true mad lad

  • Burn me like sage. Jones

    This weird, angry, little man is like the embodiment of this generation 😂

  • Xpiredm1lk Ttv

    He one orange jumpsuit from being an actor for despicable me

  • Alex DeRoche
    Alex DeRoche 2 éve

    This should be at least 10 minutes longer

  • Papa Christ
    Papa Christ 2 éve

    “Both my parents were trapeze artists.”

  • Abbeysears Lol
    Abbeysears Lol 9 hónapja

    I can never tell when he’s joking or not

  • Nick Kisling
    Nick Kisling 2 éve

    ....holds electric bike..."This thing gets 24mpg"......

    BEE KIM 5 hónapja

    Oliver: I'm the richest man

    STORMER98 1 éve

    Bro we need a movie about his life or at least a Netflix series

  • Chattur
    Chattur 1 éve

    When you are a living meme but actually make good music