One More Chance - Super Junior [Han-Rom-Eng] Letöltés

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  • 2017. nov. 6.

  • Hello everyone this is my new yt channel and my very first video! It took me hours to make it and here we are! Please like, share and subscribe for more videos ^_^ I am also happy to create this channel on super junior's 12th anniversary! Enjoy and please leave a comment *_*


  • SJ13eLiEvE
    SJ13eLiEvE 1 éve

    Imagine hearing Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Kangin’s voices here😭

  • abc def
    abc def 2 éve

    Let's talk about Heechul's beautiful voice

    SESOO 2 éve


  • rosel carcellar
    rosel carcellar 11 hónapja

    no one ask.... but for me this song is them expressing/asking if they can have one more chance to go back where everything is fine that everything is still happy and there all still carefree, when their still all together.... all of them

  • Tasnim Anika
    Tasnim Anika 2 éve

    Ok but can we talk about Yesung’s voice and Donghae’s talent

  • Fakharuddin Shokri


  • K - Pop - K
    K - Pop - K 2 éve

    I'm still obsessing over this song.

  • Roaring Tides
    Roaring Tides 2 éve

    Shindong's voice really suits this song O.O

  • rachel agbayani

    thank you donghae for such great song

  • Shimoff x
    Shimoff x 2 éve

    Yesung's voice is just too precious for this world

  • Christopher Bang

    that yesung 'oh' part😂😂

  • Umba Leki
    Umba Leki 2 éve

    Masterpiece. Thanks for the translation. I really think in these guys' talent. I love the fact that DongHae wrote this and the fact that it is so wonderfully done. The voices, the feeling, the letter... Everything. This song doesn't talk about make up or how to look pretty to get some guys, doesn't talk about how many awards they have won or how much gold they have. THIS talks about pain, about deep hope and real love. This the type of songs we deserve to hear, korean music companies. THIS is art.

  • Micah Dizon
    Micah Dizon 1 éve

    Composer Donghae 💙 I remember how they used to record it in SJ returns. You will see how dedicated they are in their work. Also, how sensual Yesung is is saying 'Oh' hahaha. BUT THIS IS REALLY A GREAT SONG EVERYONE CAN RELATE 💙

  • Noshi Amin
    Noshi Amin 2 éve


  • yakshitha punati

    I really love tone of yesung's voice so much,it's beautiful

  • Dahana Solis
    Dahana Solis 2 éve

    I'm glad to hear Siwon's voice in this song

  • khyle ledesma
    khyle ledesma 1 éve

    OMG Yesung and Donghae's Voices!

  • Virra Clariza
    Virra Clariza 2 éve

    “Longing is beautiful pain”

  • Heori PCY
    Heori PCY 1 éve

    I fall in love with yesung voice here, it sounds so sad. He portrayed it really nicely 👍

  • ameera layla
    ameera layla 2 éve

    My favourite group ever. Love suju. Love Donghae! Im always be an ELF and will always love you guys. Jangan ingat 15 years old girl tak support korang tau.