Paul McCartney on Who Broke Up the Beatles Letöltés

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  • 2018. szept. 7.

  • Paul McCartney sets the record straight on the career-changing meeting that broke up the Beatles in an interview with Howard Stern. See more from Paul and Howard on the SiriusXM app: SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Want to know what's going on with Howard Stern in the future? Follow us on Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: For more great content from the Howard Stern Show visit our official website: Hear more Howard Stern by signing up for a free SiriusXM trial:


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    Watch the full interview in the "Howard" section of the SiriusXM app!

  • crankylifter
    crankylifter 1 éve

    Imagine answering the same question for fifty years.

  • Fresh Info From Down at the Com

    It’s official John and Paul invented the diss track

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 4 hónapja

    I love how the interviewer is trying to tiptoe around it and Paul just like “nah it was John”

  • Michael Stillwell
    Michael Stillwell 9 hónapja

    Paul is at a point in his life where he can talk about the break up very dispassionately , even generously. Yes, he says John broke up the Beatles but he is not bitter. He understands and explains what John was going through.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 11 hónapja

    I can’t imagine ringo coming round trying to demand anything lol he seems too nice like what’s he gonna do go ‘hey Paul please could you maybe not do that’ ‘ringo get out my house’ ‘ok Paul peace and love peace and love’

  • TenThumbs Productions

    “Oh I know, John.” Well, it is strange to see a YouTube video answer the question in the first five seconds.

  • CDM192
    CDM192 9 hónapja

    When George Harrison was interviewed by Dick Cavett in November 71' he said that "you can't blame Yoko for the breakup. The band had issues long before she came into the picture". I believe that.

    THE HANNIBAL TV 7 hónapja


  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole 10 hónapja


  • The SNES Man
    The SNES Man 11 hónapja

    It started when Brian Epstein (The Beatles Manager) died in 1967. That was the beginning of the end.

  • I Love Roger Meddows Taylor

    "who broke up the Beatles?"

  • Veronica Pointer
    Veronica Pointer 6 hónapja

    He didn’t even hesitate “I know, John.”

  • B M-Y
    B M-Y 7 hónapja

    He's like Dumbledore. An old wizard with so much wisdom and memories.

  • eloday53
    eloday53 8 hónapja

    John's wife: "I just want a man with pipe and slipper."

  • Golden Serenity
    Golden Serenity 9 hónapja

    When Paul McCartney dies, he would have died twice

  • oh my gauze!
    oh my gauze! 2 éve

    I love how he didn't avoid the question and went straight to the point at it. That's rare in celebrity interviews.

  • deadpan80
    deadpan80 8 hónapja

    that last line - that's the key: "that's family for you."

  • Johnny Norris, Jr.
    Johnny Norris, Jr. 8 hónapja

    People who don't write songs: Still arguing over the Beatles' breakup

  • Todd O'Brien
    Todd O'Brien 8 hónapja

    The Beatles had been split up for ten years when John was murdered: plenty of time for the guys to argue, fallout, make up, argue, fallout again and make up again many times, thank God.