Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live Letöltés

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  • 2017. febr. 12.

  • Released September 13, 1994 Recorded 16-17 November 1993, Palasport Nuovo, Modena, Italy Track listing 01. Come Talk To Me 02. Steam 03. Across The River 04. Slow Marimbas 05. Shaking The Tree 06. Blood Of Eden 07. San Jacinto 08. Kiss That Frog 09. Washung Of The Water 10. Solsbury Hill 11. Digging In The Dirt 12. Sledgehammer 13. Secret World 14. Don't Give Up 15. In Your Eyes Buy DVD / Blu-ray: iTunes: YouTube: Website:


  • muchnicka72
    muchnicka72 2 éve

    the musicians

  • CatMom
    CatMom 2 éve

    If I were a music critic, I could write paragraph after paragraph showing evidence of why this is one of the most talented group of people, why this is a terrifically choreographed concert, the best harmony among the players, the visual effects, how Paula & Peter are so right for this concert, etc. Suffice it to say I have watched/listened to this entire concert I have no idea how many times. It is so fantastic that there is no way to condense my praise. OK, this is simply fantastic on oh-so-many levels.

  • Sweet Genius
    Sweet Genius 1 éve

    This isn't a musical performance; it's a spiritual experience.

  • Priyachari Chakravarti

    Hands up if you're listening to this in May 2020 ... simply ageless. 👏❤️👏

  • John Kolaga
    John Kolaga 6 napja

    I haven't listened to everything Peter Gabriel has done over the years but this simply wonderful. All musicians here are great but I'm always amazed by the harmonies between PG and Paula Cole in this concert. "Shaking the Tree" is a personal highlight. It always improves my mood.

  • Javier Pellín
    Javier Pellín 5 hónapja

    Re - up, thanks me later.

  • Shawn Reilly
    Shawn Reilly 9 hónapja

    I spent a lot of my high school and college years going to concerts and have seen Peter several times, including just the other summer with Sting. He NEVER disappoints. See him every chance you get - recorded or live. He only puts out the best. And if you have the chance to see AXS channel's Classic Album about "SO" - do it.

  • Ed Ghent
    Ed Ghent 3 hónapja

    Still to this day I'm sure the line, "Today I don't need a replacement, I'll show them what the smile on my face meant," was a parting shot at Genesis.

  • MrJampot64
    MrJampot64 2 éve (szerkesztve)

    Watching Paula Cole enjoying her self with her wonderful smile and presence renders me emotional almost to tears. Such a beautiful lady.

  • Damien CALLAGHAN

    Solisbury Hill has to one of the BEST EVER songs

  • JRC
    JRC 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    Sinnead o'Connor was the backing and co-vocals for this tour.

  • Rob Stanley
    Rob Stanley 6 hónapja

    It's 2020! "Don't give up!" We'll beat this COVID19. We're in this together, just 6ft apart!

  • Jerry Cote
    Jerry Cote 6 hónapja

    Manu Katche is an instinctive drummer. The dude's just got it, born with it. Just watch how he pours into it, like the kit's part of him. Beautiful to see and hear.

  • Brian Forney
    Brian Forney 1 napja

    sweet genius, I have maintained for years that a Gabriel concert is a religious experience. I've seen him 5 or 6 times and every one was fabulous!

  • Mário Custódio
    Mário Custódio 11 hónapja

    Obras primas, de grande valor artístico.

  • Shannon S.
    Shannon S. 7 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Don't you love it when you stumble across a gem like this you didn't see till now?☺️💙✌️

  • Harold the Barrel

    "....on drums, shaking two trees, Mr. MANU KATCHE' !! "

  • Darryl Cole
    Darryl Cole 1 éve

    Paula Cole is my sister...!?! Love all Musicians Peter picked to play this Concert... Especially the DRUMMER...!!! and Paula of course... AWESOME...!!!

  • John vL
    John vL 2 hónapja


  • No One
    No One 1 éve