Pink Floyd - MADley - Mixed Collection (Audio) #Nufonic Letöltés

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  • 2014. nov. 20.

  • An eclectic collection of 30 official tracks realized by Pink Floyd between 1970-2014. Video version ▶ Extended Medley Mix ▶ Compiled & mixed by Nufonic Tracklist: Obscured By Clouds (0:00) On The Run (2:41) Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Part 8 (5:35) Unknown Song/Zabriskie Point (8:07) The Grand Vizier's Garden Party I (Intro) Welcome To The Machine (12:19) Time (18:29) Comfortably Numb (25:09) Is There Anybody Out There (31:27) The Final Cut (33:44) Dogs (37:51) Echoes (54:20) The Great Gig In The Sky (1:02:58) Mudmen (1:05:26) Wearing The Inside Out (1:09:16) Sheep (1:15:47) Breathe (1:19:33) Have A Cigar (1:22:22) One Of My Turns (1:27:19) The Fletcher Memorial Home (1:30:39) Funky Dung (1:34:41) The Show Must Go On (1:39:58) Keep Talking (1:41:34) Money (1:47:09) Wish You Were Here (1:53:33) Two Suns In The Sunset (1:58:52) Hey You (2:04:01) What Do You Want From Me (2:08:33) It's What We Do (2:12:50) Love Scene (2:20:24)


  • Kungfil
    Kungfil 3 hónapja

    Whoever put this together...rite on!!!....I'm busy on interior renovation, mainly carpentry work and this is perfect for getting this project done!!!


    the my miusuc four my meditation in my life

  • Timothy Maynard
    Timothy Maynard 10 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Fade in is cool. Yes, this is real. It's the only connection we feel. Salute.

  • Philip Mercury
    Philip Mercury 6 hónapja

    Yes, ride the music. It will take you out through there. It makes you listen to it, every little sound. RIP co pilot Dr. Jimmy.

  • Carlos Lopetegi Mekolalde

    Nufonic EXCELENTE !!!!!!

  • Marcos Antonio Cunha Cunha

    Sbc..São Paulo...Brasil 🤪🤘🏻✌🏻

  • DBM Gréti
    DBM Gréti 1 éve

    I'm a good friend when we listen in the same state of mind.

  • Hoke Smith
    Hoke Smith 3 hete

    Thank you for doing this ... it's an amazing mash-up!

  • Константин

    Великая группа, чуствуется мощь, доходит до души, до твоего мозга, до костей, всем телом ты слушаеш эту красоту. Уважение ВАМ за то, что вы есть.

  • manoel jorge ari gomes ferreira

    Unicamente Pink Floyd!


    Fantástico ♥

  • adam philmlee
    adam philmlee 2 hete

    Probably the best compilation of Floyd tunes that I've ever heard, right on.

  • Мастер Алекс

    Пинк Флоид услышал в детстве,в начале 1980-х,слушал в зрелые годы,Пинки были всегда со мной и в горе и в радости и буду слушать наверное до последних дней своих,если даст Бог!

  • Ян Вильскер

    Просто кайф ,нет слов ,кпасавцы !!!

  • Tim Hunter
    Tim Hunter 2 éve

    I like the way you put that together now it's good stuff I appreciate it that made my day

    FLXXX ON 4 hete

    Pienso que cuanto pasan los años Pink Floyd me envuelve mucho más en su mundo musical, puedo sentirlo, me comparten una experiencia única e indestructible que perdurará mucho mas allá de mi cuerpo. Porque sin duda al igual que muchos de los que aprecian las verdaderas obras musicales, escuchamos con el Alma.

  • Сергей Чекаев

    ✌на века исполнение

  • Kimberly Lenahan

    Gilmour master of the Stratocaster ❤

  • Marcos Tavares

    have nice brenfa's cigar and enjoy...

  • James Hyde
    James Hyde 4 éve

    A fantastic mix of non-stop Pink Floyd musical compositions. Just relax and let the music take you for wonderful journey. ...My favorite band.