Pink Floyd - " PULSE " Live 1994 Remastered Letöltés

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  • 2020. ápr. 24.

  • Remastered 2019, 16.9 Pink Floyd concert video taken from the 20 October 1994 concert at Earls Court, London, England in The Division Bell Tour. It was originally released on VHS and Laserdisc in 1995. Seconded part of this concert is on my channel, Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon There was considerable delay in the release of the DVD edition of Pulse, with new features announced with each setback. The cause of the delays was reputed to be the continued modifications and additions to produce a high-quality release. The previous planned release date of 22 September 2005 for the two-disc DVD set was changed to 10 July 2006 for the UK and Europe, and 11 July 2006 everywhere else. Tracks "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (Concert version) 00:00 "Learning to Fly" 13:24 "High Hopes" 19:00 "Take It Back" 27:16 "Coming Back to Life" 33:16 "Sorrow" 40:05 "Keep Talking" 51:18 "Another Brick in the Wall 58:55 "One of These Days " 01:05:25 Part 2


  • Иван
    Иван 1 hónapja

    все время было интересно, как достигается гитарный звук схожий по звучанию с голосом человека и вот он наконец-то ответ:

  • саша скляр

    От меня, как от меломана из 70-х,низкий поклон техничеческому прогрессу,за то, что мы можем смотреть и слушать эти шедевры!Это же просто фантастика!!!

  • Leonardo Mera
    Leonardo Mera 1 napja

    One of the best bands in the world!.

  • Jorge Duran
    Jorge Duran 2 hónapja

    Most complete and round sound ever, no music compares to it, except for the classics, there still no other sound like this even now that we are surrounded by technologie and all those creative people...Pink floyd is far away the best..sorry milenials, tiktokers, influencers, youtubers and any other sort of clowns over the mass media...

  • Ian TP
    Ian TP 2 napja

    Who else is here, quarantined in 2020? Epic Concert

  • Владислав Суслов

    Гилмор - волшебник)) Под магию его гитары Wish You Were Here я прочитал Солярис Станислава Лемма когда то в 80х прошлого века )) . Эта музыка и сегодня оставляет мороз на коже.... Pink Floyd - легенда на долгие времена)) Спасибо!!

  • Silvana Perucci
    Silvana Perucci 2 hónapja

    Hy! I love the Pink Floyd, yesterday, today and forever and 🙏 for lives now. But, why not the name Waters don't stay heare? Please 🙏❤🌟🙌🙌

  • Leonardo Mera
    Leonardo Mera 1 napja

    I came to toronto from ecuador.The gobernment demanded me to do the 14 day cuarentine ,so i m watching this awesome video.

  • Dave Stratton
    Dave Stratton 2 hónapja

    No matter how many times I watch PULSE , it's not enough.

  • David Porto
    David Porto 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    "A arte sonora de uma banda eterna, que se transformou em oxigênio para os amantes da música que faz viver".


    Sublimes, majestuosos, absolutamente prefectos. Que delicia y orgullo haber crecido y vivido escuchando a PINK FLOYD. Afortunada ésta generación y esta única oportunidad para disfrutar y engrandecer todos los sentidos. Por siempre PINK FLOYD.

  • Cville Gordo
    Cville Gordo 3 hónapja

    Just when you thought you had timed your high perfectly to be able to drive home somewhat safely;

  • Ольга Емельянова

    Офигенно, спасибо! Как заново родилась.

  • Vivas Petrov
    Vivas Petrov 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Ух, какая же группа обалденная. Столько лет прошло, но все равно до мороза по коже

  • Mike Onfreeserve
    Mike Onfreeserve 1 hónapja

    If you listen carefully during Sorrow you can hear a slowing in the turning of the Earth

  • Luciano Toffali

    Exelente. Lo escucho lo veo. Tiene majia y un gram talento . tengo 75 años. Y lo disfruto muchisimo.💝

  • Peter Hall
    Peter Hall 1 hete

    The best and most complete concert, many other groups should watch pulse, floyd had everything in this show, Gilmour at his peak, a super tight band with Mason and Wright driving it, smoking hot back up, lighting and production out of this world, the best there has been, the best there will be.

  • Lino Teixeira
    Lino Teixeira 2 hete

    Bão dmais sô

  • Benjamin Alexander De Mers

    David Gilmour's guitar solos never end with the end of the trill, instead, he takes the listener on a mind-bending wormhole trip to the next trill with a variety of magical effects and techniques that make him one of the truly great guitar geniuses of the last 50 years.

  • vazalin vazalin
    vazalin vazalin 4 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Это чудесно,столько раз прослушанное,что знаешь,какая нота будет через секунду или две.И все равно слушаешь и слушаешь.Феномен PINK FLOYD.Спасибо Девиду,Нику,Рику.Жаль,что Роджер с вывихом.