Power Metal Collection Vol.2 Letöltés

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  • 2014. ápr. 13.

  • Power Metal Collection Vol.2 Track List 01. Dream Evil - Falling 00:00 02. Crystallion - Crystal Clear 04:02 03. Edguy - Rise Of The Morning Glory 10:16 04. Metalforce - Melt Thy Steel 14:57 05. Olympos Mons - Lady In White 20:15 06. Axel Rudi Pell - Flyin High 25:55 07. Moonlight Agony - Ceremony 29:58 08. 7 Thorns - Until Freedom Last's Forever 35:02 09. Heavenly - Ode To Joy 41:55 10. Dark Moor - A New World 46:50 11. Luca Turilli - Aenigma + War Of The Universe 52:47 12. Powerwolf - Resurrection By Erection 59:04 13. Dionysus - Divine 01:02:55 14. Saint Deamon - Oceans Of Glory 01:07:06 15. Aquaria - And Let The Show Begin 01:11:40 16. Axxis - Underworld 01:19:11 17. Ring Of Fire - Circle Of Time 01:23:08 18. Symphonity - Give Me Your Helping Hand 01:28:40 19. Fairyland - The Fellowship 01:33:51 20. Dark Empire - We Will Never Die 01:40:16 21. Axxis - My Father's Eyes 01:46:27 ________________________________________________________________ *ALL CREDIT I GIVE TO THE POWER METAL BANDS AROUND THE WORLD AND THEIR RECORD LABEL* ________________________________________________________________ source artwork http://goo.gl/rOpxhL Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PowerMetalCo... ________________________________________________________________ *NOTE* this video i not to say best collection but it's my fav songs collection and i hope you like it same ________________________________________________________________


  • Zookong
    Zookong 4 éve

    Power Metal=Motivation

  • Bruno Lima
    Bruno Lima 2 éve

    01. Dream Evil - Falling

  • SonicEdge
    SonicEdge 5 éve

    I'm glad there is no Dragonforce..

  • GeneralLotz
    GeneralLotz 5 éve

    In a war with no end, in a battle where the only outcome is death. This is the music I would want echoing in my ears.....

  • Sem Nome
    Sem Nome 4 éve

    "I like my weapon how i like my music Heavy and Metal"

  • huy hoàng nguyễn


  • santiago
    santiago 1 éve

    Power metal= the best music of the world

  • Tamás Alföldi

    I listen to these compilations while working, so it's a kinda background music. In my view that is a great way to distinguish which song/band stands out of the crowd and which is just average. F.e. I had never heard 7 Thorns before and I raised my head right away when it started. Same with Aquaria. What a great power metal.

  • noblec
    noblec 5 éve

    dat' khorne berzerker as the picture tho'

  • SlAyErSMaStErS

    Metal Land, YOU made me discover Power metal, I thank you sooo much hehe ;)

  • jigglypuff 44
    jigglypuff 44 4 éve


  • William Damián Guevara Montañez

    Dark Moor: A fuc**ng superb and underrate spanish band!!!!

  • Daniel ch.
    Daniel ch. 6 éve

    Aquaria - And let the show begin, must to be the first one !

  • Michael Oakes
    Michael Oakes 1 hónapja

    Ah Metal Land, I never forgot you my friend. Volume 1 was a stand out and introduced me to a lot of the bands that I love today. Hell, even went to Wacken to see those bands last year!


    Dark Moor rules!

  • Alex Devlin
    Alex Devlin 4 éve

    mind tellin me where i can find a damn dragon? METAL RULES!!! now gimme my guitar back your shit lols (sweet solo then smashes it)

  • Austin Gragg
    Austin Gragg 5 éve

    Hasi wants to know where a little band called Blind Guardian is...lol great list though! Loved it! Got all the home work done as I praised the Gods of Metal.

  • Fábio J. C.
    Fábio J. C. 1 hónapja

    Aquaria é do Brasil porra!!

  • Dimitar
    Dimitar 5 éve

    Metal is the true men music!! Hail metal and all his servants. Amen to this religion that millions follow. Amen and LONG LIVE METAL \m/\m/

  • yelpx
    yelpx 4 hete

    Theres no Sabaton.