Powfu - death bed (coffee for your head) (Official Video) ft. beabadoobee Letöltés

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  • 2020. ápr. 1.

  • Thank u to every single person that used this song in a YouTube video or tiktok or just shared it with your friends. I had a lot of fun filming this video! Love is all we need ❤ - Powfu Official video for "death bed" by Powfu featuring beabadoobee. Listen & Download “death bed” out now: https://powfu.lnk.to/deathbed Listen to Powfu's new EP "poems of the past" out now: https://Powfu.lnk.to/POTP Amazon - https://powfu.lnk.to/deathbed/amazonm... Apple Music - https://powfu.lnk.to/deathbed/applemusic iTunes - https://powfu.lnk.to/deathbed/itunes Spotify - https://powfu.lnk.to/deathbed/spotify YouTube Music - https://powfu.lnk.to/deathbed/youtube... (Beabadoobee) Dont stay awake for too long Dont go to bed I'll make a cup of coffee for your head I 'll get you up and going out of bed (Powfu) Yeah, I don’t wanna fall asleep I don’t wanna pass away I've been thinking of our future 'Cause I'll never see those days I don’t know why this has happened But I probably deserve it I tried to do my best But you know that I’m not perfect I've been praying for forgiveness You’ve been praying for my health When I leave this earth Hoping you’ll find someone else 'Cause yeah we still young There's so much we haven’t done Getting married Start a family Watch your husband with his son I wish it could be me But I won’t make it off this bed Hope I go to heaven so I see you once again My life was kind of short But I got so many blessings Happy you were mine It sucks that its all ending Dont stay awake for too long Dont go to bed I'll make a cup of coffee for your head I'll get you up and going out of bed Dont stay awake for too long Dont go to bed I'll make a cup of coffee for your head I'll get you up and going out of bed I'm happy that you here with me I'm sorry if I tear up When me and you were younger You would always make me cheer up Taking goofy videos And walking through the park You would jump into my arms Every time you heard a bark Cuddle in your sheets Sing me sound asleep And sneak out through your kitchen at exactly 1:03 Sundays went to church On Mondays watched a movie Soon you’ll be alone Sorry that you have to lose me Director: bedroom (@bedroom.projects) Production Company: COMPULSORY (@compulsoryview) Exec. Producer: Kiran Mandla (@kir.m_) Producer: Joseph J Goldman (@thewarthog) Producer/Commissioner: Saul Levitz Production Service Co: BOLDLY (@filmboldly) Producer: Sebastien Galina (@sebastiengalina) DOP: Kaayla Whachell (@kaayla_whachell) DOP: Meliodic (@meliodic) 1st AC: Thomas Wang (@wangerthomas) Gaffer: Brandon Y Lee (@brandon_y_lee) Key Grip: Tom Armstrong (@armstronggrip93) Gear: Primary Imaging (@primaryimaging) Colourist: Thomas Mangham (@thomasmangham) @ The Mill Follow Powfu Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pow.fu/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/powfu #deathbed #Powfu #beabadoobee


  • Rxseboy
    Rxseboy 5 hónapja

    all the dislikes are from girls that are jealous he's taken

  • Tropical House Radio

    use me as a "not from tiktok" button

  • 1000 subscriber with 2 videos Challenge

    Let's see how many people's watching in september 2020.

  • Jay
    Jay 1 napja

    All the people who put dislikes are just saying dis-i-like

  • Esme Muzz
    Esme Muzz 2 napja

    Alguien que hable español:'v

  • Iman Mahmood
    Iman Mahmood 1 napja

    Me: cry

  • zrif
    zrif 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    love you

  • sean ivan maguddatu

    lesson of the song: Life is short enjoy it while it lasts

  • Carbon -14
    Carbon -14 2 napja

    The beauty of this song is how it sounds so innocent. When you're depressed, you sometimes view your past self as a different person. Often when i think about my past happy self, i view myself as a child. Filled with innocent optimism, confidence and joy. It's funny because I'm not an adult(I'm 14).

  • Maria Inès Gallardo Duarte

    At home: happy

  • Lucius Cezar
    Lucius Cezar 2 napja

    adoro essa musica

  • Pavle Milanović
    Pavle Milanović 3 hónapja

    only people who didint came from tiktok can like

  • Sonia Chantê Olivier

    This song hits different whn u actually feel the lyrics and understand wat they mean:°}

    BMXGAMERS EG 2 napja

    14 year old girls, " Oh My GoD tHiS iS sO DeEp"

  • flash
    flash 1 napja


  • NitroAAW
    NitroAAW 5 napja

    worst feeling is when you're about lose someone you loved so much and you're useless in that situation

  • Vlad Dumitrasco
    Vlad Dumitrasco 1 hónapja

    This is the song that boys are listening when girls aren't around

  • Jared Quoir
    Jared Quoir 1 napja

    Why am I feeling the depressed vibe here? I am not dying, damn I don't even have a gf, wtf?

  • Mary Martinez
    Mary Martinez 4 napja

    Mom: Don't go to bed during school. Me: I'm walking to the park. Peace.


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