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  • 2018. ápr. 24.

  • Played by: Mad-Matt Playstation version of Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger. One of the first games to use known actors in full motion video providing all the story segments of the game. The original pc version was released in 1994 and the Playstation port in 1996. "Wing Commander is a space combat simulator intercut with live action cutscenes. Gameplay involves completing missions and destroying enemy craft, Wing commander III dispensed with the issuing of medals after such missions and relied more on cutscenes to drive the story along making much more use of CD technology. As the man giving the orders, Blair often gets to choose what ship he will fly, what missiles it will carry, and what wingman (wingmen) he will take with him. As in Wing Commander, some wingmen can be killed permanently in combat. Blair's own call sign remained customizable. The protagonist of the previous two games is officially assigned a name, Colonel Christopher Blair. Thrakhath nar Kiranka, Crown Prince of the hostile Kilrathi Empire, presides over the execution by disintegration of a group of Terran Confederation prisoners of war. One, however, is left alive: Blair's lover Colonel Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux, due to her status among the Kilrathi as a respected warrior. On the planet Vespus, Blair and Brigadier General James "Paladin" Taggart inspect the downed wreckage of the TCS Concordia. The carrier is a total loss. I play the game on the default Ace difficulty. For the most part it is not to bad, but it is by no means easy thanks to the poor control in this version of the game. It has a kind of Acceleration going on so if you hold a direction for more than a second or two, you overshoot where you want to aim. The adds to the difficulty and drags the game out as fights take longer than they should especially on missions that through 40+ enemies at you. In the second half of the game matters are made worse when the enemy gets heavily boosted shields and armour. Every button on the pad has multiple functions via combinations and can be a real pain to move through them while in combat. It is made worse when the enemy is swerving all over the place when you line up your shot making them very difficult to hit. Some missions have carriers, cruisers and dreadnoughts. These seem to be very tame and not much of a threat at all. I just get behind them and shoot them to death. Missiles seem to do little or no damage strangely. Killing them does seem to cause the enemy to loose morale as the fighters somehow become easier to take down. If you get to close you do usually end up just exploding though. This brings me to the the wingmen. For the most part they are mostly useless but occasionally they do get a sudden skill boost and start tearing it up. Normally I will take out large ships first while wing man deals with fighters. If i leave the big ships till the end, the wing man will often do a suicide run for no reason at all and fly into the centre of the ship and die. This is a big problem Flash and Maniac as they will not listen to 'Form on my Wing' or go home commands. There are certainly some missions I could have handled better. I don't mess around finding optimal power or weapons. I usually just take the default ship and loadout suggested to me. Once the Excalibur is made available at the end of the game though, I take it when I can as its Aim Assist make the game so much easier, it suddenly becomes more fun to play! During the game you will get some decisions to make during cuts cenes. Some of these result in bring down or raising the moral of your wingmen (Fighting skill). I don't always choose the best one. Blair can be a bitch! It can also have the knock on effect of changing who is available and who lives and dies. Towards the end of the game you get to choose a love interest. I take the opportunity to have a go on Ginger Lynn at this point. The final mission could have gone better I think. I send the Wingmen home in an effort to save them as other wise they just ...die. No last communication I just notice they are gone. It is probably scripted for them to die. I think I could have used the cloak function earlier but not really sure to what advantage. Of the three main versions, PC, 3D0 and Playstation, I think the PS1 versions comes off quite poorly mostly due to control system. The cockpits in the pc and 3d0 version really adds to the game and I think the textures are overall better there as well. Some Timestamps for navigating the video. I will list each system as a section at the point of the jump sequence:- 00:12:48 Start of game Orsini System 01:06:57 Tamoya System 01:37:12 Locanda System (CD2) 02:16:58 Blackmane System 03:05:40 Ariel System 03:57:35 Caliban System 04:53:20 Torgo System (CD3) 05:58:33 Loki System 06:52:10 Alcor System 08:29:45 Freya System (CD4) 09:21:32 Hyperion System 09:43:18 Kilrah System


  • CursedGman
    CursedGman 2 éve

    I love the wing commander games. The 4th one is my fave (:

  • Comchia 430
    Comchia 430 2 éve

    Hell yeah. This is one of my favorite PS1 and PC games. I still have my full boxed copies.

  • knox788o
    knox788o 2 éve

    played it guess 1994 or 1995 on my pc.......amazing !!!! price of freedom as well....

  • iran soldier
    iran soldier 1 éve

    I loved it in my child was one of the best games i played. The story was unique...

  • blee427
    blee427 2 éve

    One of my favorite PSX games. I was mesmerized when it came on four discs. I even loved it when it crashed on me, or made constant sound mistakes (e.g., see

  • Moises Valadez
    Moises Valadez 9 hónapja

    They needed to bring these types of games back!!

  • Robert Abraham Rada


  • OKNewMan
    OKNewMan 2 éve

    Yusss! Thanks for the playthrough, Mad-Matt! Just what I need to get through work today.

  • D L Johnson
    D L Johnson 5 hónapja

    This long-play made me remember how much I hated the "...decendant of monkeys!" quote over and over again. It got old the first time it was said.

  • FinnMc2
    FinnMc2 1 hónapja


  • P Ferreira
    P Ferreira 2 éve

    Either it was PC Gamer or PC Format Magazine that stated Wing Commander III was Earth at it's darkest hour. That is how epic this game is.

  • Gabriel Riley
    Gabriel Riley 9 hónapja

    Thanks for uploading. You played the Skipper missile mission masterfully but nearly lost the Excalibur in its first mission. The Excalibur was great in that you could go full tachyon guns and almost not miss because those guns were guided. If you ever replay that mission, remember that Vaktoths will stop and do a sharp 180 just to hit you hard because they have 1 tachyon gun. Drathis will do the same.

  • Maestro Lodahl
    Maestro Lodahl 1 hónapja


  • animal -
    animal - 2 éve

    Damn you Hobbes!

  • Caleb Janus
    Caleb Janus 1 éve

    Never could beat the last mission due to a bug on PC. Still the best in the genre.

  • Thomas Baxter
    Thomas Baxter 4 hónapja

    Okay this is really bugging me. Been playing through again first time in ages. About 1/3 of the way through Maniac just vanished. I havent been going up the lift to watch cutscenes. Just been doing the missions. All of a sudden he cant be selected as a wingman so ive been searching the ship for him and he's actually vanished from the game. Has he died or something? is it possible for thta to happen even tho hes in the sequel? driving me nuts figuring out why his seats vacant in the choose wingman screen for pretty much the whole game?

  • Ahmad Muzaffar Zafriy Zafriy

    What kind of emulator to run this and which settings?

  • Denis Yakovenko

    You Select Excalibur

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 éve

    The Kilrah bombing cutscene that they added for the PS1 version is actually more entertaining than flying the trench run yourself in the PC version.

  • aetos110
    aetos110 2 éve

    this game must be a remake for ps4!!!