Room (2015) - Jack in a police car scene Letöltés

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  • 2016. márc. 12.

  • A powerful and moving scene in one of the best movies of 2015.


  • Ollie Hernandez
    Ollie Hernandez 4 éve (szerkesztve)

    I cried when she figured it out.

  • LovelyLies16
    LovelyLies16 4 éve

    Tip my hat to the female officer! Little kids need patience and love. Without that you'll get nothing in these situations.

  • David Dutton
    David Dutton 2 éve

    The tension as he tries to remember the word "shed" is almost unbearable.

  • Christian Vazquez

    that police woman just got promoted to detective!!

  • Carter F
    Carter F 2 éve

    The officer got a standing ovation in the theater where I watched it

  • Jacob
    Jacob 1 éve

    Anyone else wanted to punch the cop who was driving?

  • sweetrose80s
    sweetrose80s 3 éve

    When Jack pulled out his mothers tooth, I was so happy cuz I thought maybe they could find out who she is thru dental records or something XD

  • TheJane7979
    TheJane7979 4 éve

    hats off to the police women,so kind so smart.I love this scene thanks for upload:)

  • broadwaymelody33

    I was so emotionally invested in this scene, that I remember thinking "I hope that cop is always on children's missions because she's the best on that force" before remembering she was just a character in a movie.

  • Sigurd Kvernmoen

    One of the most intense scenes in the movie. Really makes you root for the character and wish the female police officer will figure it out. And ponder about what amazing work police really do in real life.

  • Showgingah
    Showgingah 3 éve

    Police woman sounded like she was about to go ham the on captor when she found out he was in a shed.

  • Chelsea Rumagit

    jacob did a really great job on this scene

  • Emily T
    Emily T 2 éve

    I frickin love this scene. That moment when everything's starting to register into the woman's head and I'm just sitting here like. "YES! YES! YES! Hallelujah!"

  • K August
    K August 4 éve

    I loved the POV shots here. It had to be from a child's POV who is not used to the outside world.

  • Agyn__
    Agyn__ 4 éve

    I love this police woman!! She's so smart!

  • lagaman11
    lagaman11 1 éve

    This was written and acted out so well. Jack had a very slim chance of pulling this off, and he did it!

  • eksiarvamus
    eksiarvamus 1 éve


  • Jellislee
    Jellislee 3 éve

    He saved his mum...

  • B Wat
    B Wat 4 éve

    If you listen you can hear everything jack is hear the lady officer's voice is the loudest sound because that's is what jack is focused on, then you can hear the rain on the car in the background along with the radio and his voice is the only sound that is normal that's because his is used to it, the first he gets in the car is in jack's perspective

  • flyflh
    flyflh 3 éve

    I'm still trying to figure out how the woman cop figured out the location. She worked backward 1 turn then 3 stops from where Jack was found?